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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The War With Iraq/Iran

I've been experimenting with posting via a browser extension for Firefox.  If you'll look at the posts directly below this one, you'll spot the "issue" I'm having with it - it splits lines at strange places in the quoted material.  So, I'm jumping back to Qumana, but won't be able to make the move to the new version of this blog until they update the software.  Not a big deal.  We'll just hang around here a while longer.  It is kinda comfortable. 

There's a bit of frightening chatter coming from a couple of the bigger Conservative blogs today.  It's all about how deeply Iran is involved in the Iraq War.  Read on -

The Time for War With Iran is Now

The rumor is that early next week President Bush will present his revised war plan to the American people. From what I've heard, a major aspect of this plan is an increase in the number of US troops in Iraq [....]

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