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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Trouble in Paradise

I've been reading more blogger analysis of the President's speech and keeping an ear to the cable news channels.  The more I read and listen, the more I'm hearing louder voices against the troop surge plan. And, I'm not talking only the bloggers; there are many members of Congress showing up on TV today to blast the plan.  I'm not sure what that will translate into, but it's certainly raising temperatures in Washington.  Here's one more comment from the blogosphere, but a blog we just recently discovered.

Morning musings: hopelessness

The fire in me is out. I have no fight left.  I sat on the sofa last night watching the president’s speech, unable to even react. By the time he said that if we pull out of Iraq now, the country will fall apart and all the Americans who have been killed so far will have [...]

Speaking of new blogs, here's another we're monitoring.  From the McClatchy Newspaper Baghdad bureau -


For the last two months the electricity supplies all over Iraq was the minimum. People receive 2 hours (maximum) of electricity supplies per day. The minister of electricity, in a press conference in Baghdad, said the citizens will notice a [...]

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