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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Playing To Packed Houses

Al Gore continues with his political stump speech on Global Warming.  But, you'll be amazed at the demographics of some of his biggest supporters and biggest fans.  Not only of his speech, but his movie, too.

HuffPo's Melinda Henneberger: Gore Sells Out Idaho's 10,000 Seat Taco Bell Arena "Faster Than Elton John"...

...It's a diverse crowd of all ages, including many children kept home from school for the occasion.
Ten-year-old Sienna White, whose mom teaches MBA students in the business school here, says she's seen Gore's movie over and over, and just had to come. Her fourth grade class is planning a bake sale to help stop global warming -- probably, the money will go to re-forestation efforts -- and half the kids her age at Washington Elementary got An Inconvenient Truth, for Christmas, she reports. Gosh, and that was [...]

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