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Friday, January 05, 2007

New Poll Numbers

While we're trying to get back on some sort of realisting blogging schedule, family matters do take priority.  Whoever told daughters that they should be taken out for dinner on their birthdays?  If I'm not so full that I want to crawl directly into bed, I'll make a run through here later this evening. If you haven't stopped by for a while, there are some interesting pieces from the past two or three days.  Just scroll down and start reading.  To whet your interest, here are the latest poll numbers for the President. Have you seen them? 

CBS Poll: Bush Down To 30% Even Before Escalation

A week before Bush will announce a weaker escalation plan than John McCain wanted, the latest CBS News poll shows that Bush starts the 110th Congress with only a 30% approval rating, his lowest ever in a CBS News poll. Worse yet for Bush, 68% of the public is optimistic about the Democratic congress and a near-majority think that this congress will [...]

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