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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ignoring The Facts

It is, at times, mind-boggling.  It makes your head hurt to try to understand much of what happens in Washington.  Why decisions are made.  And who has the President's ear.  That, my friends, is a key question.  Who is George W. Bush really listening to?  It certainly doesn't appear to be the American people or Congress.

There is Something Seriously Wrong With This

In November, there was an overwhelming and sweeping rebuke of this administration’s failed foreign policies (not to mention corruption and other republican “values”). Voters’ number one concern was overwhelmingly the mishandling of the Iraqi occupation. We wanted a different direction – a way out of this debacle. Prominent Congressional republicans were joining the ever increasing majority of Americans who wanted to start thinking of withdrawal. At a meeting yesterday of around 30 Senate Republicans, Thad Cochran (MS) thought that he was the only one who was outwardly supportive of an [...]

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