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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Huckabee Announcement

No surprise.  Mike Huckabee went on Meet The Press today to confirm he's setting up an exploratory committee for a presidential campaign.  There was at least one surprise - Russert brought up the Wayne Dumond issue, surprising several bloggers.

Russert did ask Huckabee about Dumond

I'm still half asleep, but Timmy did bring up a few questions about the Wayne Dumond case to Mike. Huckabee did admit that he talked to the parole board about Dumond, but danced around and never told us why he was interested in the case in the first place. I'll have to check the segment [...]

The Arkansas Times blog has some key quotes in its summary.

Huckabee meets the press

Did you watch Mike Huckabee with Tim Russert on Meet the Press? Thoughts? (Of course he announced  his presidential candidacy.) After noon Sunday, you can watch the show on the web. Mine: Huckabee did well. He's a good talker and met no question that he doesn't expect to have to field at some point. But Russert was sharper than I'd predicted and brought up some issues Huckabee struggled with a bit. Some talking points: [...]

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