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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hillary Singing

We were watching MSNBC today when Hillary Clinton was being introduced in Iowa. During the singing of the National Anthem, they left her microphone on. The lady can't carry a tune, that's for sure.  MSNBC spent some time debating whether that was her verion of "The Dean Scream".  Nope. No way.  And Rachel Sklar explains why not on the Huffington Post

Microphone Mistake Broadcasts Clinton Singing National Anthem...

More and more, it seems, it's the unscripted, unguarded moments in candidates for public office that are making the difference, be they botched joke or Macaca moment. Today in Iowa, Hillary Clinton may well have had her own: An open-mic snafu that broadcast her singing along to the National Anthem, and none to tunefully. "Iowa Idol!" screams the headline at Drudge, but even [...]



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