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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Final SOTU Reaction

I know. I know.  It's time to move on.  After one final critique of the State of the Union Speech.

If you thought the left was disappointed with the State of the Union…

For the president’s critics, the State of the Union was a boring disappointment, filled with half-truths and missed opportunities. He defended an indefensible policy in Iraq; he made ridiculous budget claims, he ignored Katrina reconstruction, and he unveiled awful (and largely rehashed) health care and energy policies. There wasn’t much to like. But as it turns [...]

Okay, let's stretch things a bit and go for TWO final critiques -

Katrina Victims Outraged Over Bush Snub

President Bush’s State of the Union address did not include a single mention of Katrina or the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast region. (A year ago, Bush promised the federal government would “stay…at it until they’re back on their feet.”) Last night, CBS News reporter Armen Keteyian traveled to Mount Olive Gardens, a trailer park near [...]

It's a trifecta -

Bush’s SOTU Leaves Social Conservatives ‘Lifeless,’ ‘Disappointed,’ ‘Shaking Their Heads’

Social conservatives who have been longtime loyalists of President Bush are speaking out in anger about the president’s silence on divisive right-wing issues. Cultural conservatives who have become accustomed to hearing Bush cater rhetorically to their wishes found “little to cheer” in his speech Tuesday night. Some examples below: In a video address entitled, “A Lifeless [...]

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