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Friday, January 26, 2007


AP pretty much spells it out with a few choice words: "on a collision course with Congress".  I'm looking for video clips, but the President was far from a happy camper during a terse meeting with reporters this morning.  He also owned up to a relatively recent policy implemented in the Iraq War -

Bush Approved Killing Iranian Assets Inside Iraq

While Bush told the world last summer that he was committed to resolving disputes with Iran diplomatically, he secretly authorized US forces in Iraq to capture and kill suspected Iranian operatives. Dick Cheney and Elliott Abrams, who both think that the killing of Iranians inside Iraq will force Tehran to back down from its nuclear ambitions and stop meddling in Iraq, cooked up the new policy. Of course, it could also [...]

UPDATE:  The folks at Think Progress snagged the video clips. Watch 'em.

UPDATE 2: One of the commenters over at Talking Points Memo has some salient thoughts about all this -

TPM Reader AC...

on the Decider ... "President Bush has never been very strong on the stuff most of us learned in 7th grade civics--namely, that there are three branches of government that share power. Of course, part of that is because he's always had a rubber-stamp congress. His comment that "I'm the decider" on Iraq shows that view remains. No surprise there. But now there's a congress with a [...]

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