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Monday, January 08, 2007

Catching Up. Again.

Random Monday notes about several things. 

1. Daughter is turning 22 this week.  That's just downright frightening for mom and dad. But we had an absolutely wonderful weekend with her and her boyfriend.  Did the "eating out" routine FAR too many times over the past three days, but fixed some decent fried chicken at home last night and tonight promises some of "Mom's Spaghetti" - requested by the "birthday girl".

2.  If you get a chance, catch "We Are Marshall" before it disappears from the theatres. Even if you're not a big sports fan and don't recall the tragic plane crash the killed most of the Marshall University football team, its coaches and some fans in 1970, it's a great motion picture.

3.  All of the new electronic gizmos and gadgets are being unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  That means there will be a ton of new products on the shelves of retail stores in the coming weeks.  That, in turn, usually means price cuts on existing items.  Keep your eyes open (particularly if you're not an Apple/IPod fan) for good deals on any of the Sansa mp3 players.  The e200 series come in several sizes (2 gigs, 4 gigs and 6 gigs), cost about the same as an IPod Nano, but include an FM Radio, voice recorder and (this is what got me) will play video!  All in a package about the size of a Nano.  The package even includes software to handle converting video files into a format the Sansa can handle.  Now, obviously, you're not going to want to put a full move on there, but for television shows, it seems to work just fine.  My only complains is that the software splits a half-hour TV show into two files.  I haven't figure out why, but it does.

I'll rummage through the net a bit later and see what I can find. Oh, did you catch the Arkansas/Alabama basketball game this weekend?  I do believe we kind of surprised some folks by beating the Number 8 team in the country!


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