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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cameras, Cameras, Everywhere

It's starting to look like darn near everybody at the Saddam Hussein hanging party had a camera with them.  There's another one out and it's a bit more graphic than the first.  More people, more laughter and more disturbing scenes of the aftermath.

And yet another Saddam video from a mystery filmer

Is anybody in charge over there? These are the people Bush wants to support with more US troops and money?  "A new video of Saddam Hussein's corpse, with a gaping neck wound, was posted on the Internet early Tuesday, the second leaked release of clandestine pictures from the former leader's hanging.  The video appeared to have been taken with [...]

Now, if you really want to subject yourself to the actual video -

New Saddam Hanging Video Shows His Neck Ripped Open

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