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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blasting The Base

The Administration's decision to take warrantless wiretap requests to the FISA courts isn't sitting well with some conservative bloggers and commentators. Not sitting well at all.

And then there were none

Mark Levin, long one of President Bush's staunchest defenders on the right, has had enough: Is there no principle subject to negotiation? Is there no course subject to reversal? For the Bush administration to argue for years that this program [terrorist surveillance], as operated, was critical to our national [...]

Oh, yeah.  The War isn't going over well, either.

Latest Poll Data

....Public support for the war has pretty much cratered:As he seeks to chart a new course in Iraq, Bush also faces pervasive resistance and skepticism toward the U.S. commitment -- more than three-fifths [62%] of those surveyed said [...]

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