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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Today's Summary

Good collection of blog posts.  Read 'em.


Watch it Tomorrow

The Most is set to preview.  Watch and let us know what you think.


Colbert at the Dinner

Here's a streaming youtube version of Stephen Colbert's speech at last night's Correspondents' Dinner in Washington.  It's broken down into three segments.  Watch all three.  It's a bit better quality than the version I linked to earlier.


Refusing to Kill

Politics prevail.  They could have nailed Zarqawi.  Instead?

wrote in the that "[e]ach week brings new confirmation" that the was accurate.  Today, we see yet another confirmation that this administration was hellbent on invading Iraq, rather than really fighting terrorists:  [Former US spy Mike Scheuer] claims that a July 2002 plan to destroy ['s training camp] lapsed because "it was more important not to give the Europeans the impression we were [...]


Signing Statements Update

Remember the President's ""?  Everybody was talking about them a while back.  They've faded from the headlines, but are geared for a second appearance.  Thanks to somebody doing some accounting.


Blatant Contempt

We apparently have a VP who believes he is above the law and above the orders of his boss, the President.


Sunday Shows Summary

Did you miss some of the Sunday morning talk shows?  Here's a summary from the folks over at redstate.org.  From the name, you can assume the comments will lean just a bit to the right. 


Powell Opens Up

Wow.  This one carries a lot of weight. 

Powell: We Went Into Iraq Without Enough Troops  

In an interview with Britain's ITV, Former Secretary of State said that the U.S. went into without enough troops. Powell said he always "favored a larger military presence." Prior to the invasion Powell made the case to Rumsfeld and President Bush but was overruled. As a result [...]


Taking All the Fun Away

No more televised press briefings at the White House?  Now, that's a heck of a bad idea.  Really!  Seriously, that cripples the broadcast media's ability to tell the story.  And make it interesting.  Not to mention it would remove the material that provides fodder for so many cable programs and blog posts!

Josh Bolton is considering doing away with televised Press Briefings  

Chris Wallace asked if Bolton planned to do away with televised press briefings which is another signal that the administration wants to manipulate and silence the press. Chris uses the old " some people say" routine which really means right wingers who are angry that the press has the nerve to actually demand [...]

Video and a transcript, if you follow the link.


Colbert and the Correspondents

More on 's appearance at the last night.  Whether you thought he flopped or scored apparently depends on your political leanings.


Mexico's Drug Laws

They're poised to allow possession of small amounts of many drugs.  It certainly raises a lot of questions.  A lot of issues.


Blackwater USA

Here's your Sunday afternoon reading. Once again, this was something I've had on my "to blog" list, but failed to get energetic enough to do the heavy lifting myself!  Go. Read. Understand.


Dear Mr. President

Nice editing here.  They've turned 's "" song into more of a music video.  In case you haven't heard this one yet, give it a try.  If you saw one of the earlier versions, you'll appreciate the work they've done on this one.


Correspondent's Dinner

True, the President seemed to have fun doing the two-man show with a great impersonator.  (MSNBC played the entire segment this morning.  Some funny stuff!)  But, it looks like things turned sour just a few minutes later.

Colbert Does the White House Correspondents' dinner  (video here)


Good Comment

Read it.  And Think.


In Fairness

I'm really glad that somebody thinks things are okay.  I really hope that they are. 


Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday Night Live

Courtesy of your friends right here. 


I've Been Lazy

Glenn Greenwald writes some great pieces.  But, they are long, detailed and intricate.  I skimmed his latest this morning and made a mental note to try to get all the way through it later.  This blogger saved me the trouble.  Good summary.  Worth the read.  And, you really SHOULD take the time to read Glenn's original post, too.


Scott Ritter and Some Teens

Sometimes you just have to trust parents to do the right thing.  This blogger/mother writes about 's speech to her daughter's high school.  This is well done.  Good stuff. Read it.


NYT Edition of the Future

This is very well done.  Quite frightening.  And, I'm afraid, somewhat possible. 


He Did. He Really Did.

O'Reilly really DID tell viewers to call a dead man to complain about something a newspaper wrote. He really did.  And, guess who nailed him on it?


Rice: "Having A Great Time Here in Iraq"

That's it. That's the money quote.  I'm not makin' this stuff up, friends. 


Ready For That Job in Manhattan?

This just has to make a few million people start to worry.  Just a little bit.


Targeting al-Zarqawi

I hope Malkin is right and I hope our guys get him.  We need some good news.



That's how many Americans were spied on with NO court orders. Take a deep breath and read on.


Psychoanalyzing the President

The pieces fit together to paint a picture of -


Tongue in Cheek, To Be Sure

Follow the link.  Read and chuckle along. 


Still Want to be a Reporter?

This one just sent shivers up and down my spine.  I could write paragraph after paragraph about how angry it makes me.  But, rather than do that, I'll simply summarize my feelings:  WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!


Consider the Source

Most interesting.


Impeachment Update

Will wonders never cease?  Who'd a thunk it?


Indictments at the Ready

..]We'll have to wait and see if the blogosphere is ahead of the curve on THIS one, too!


Huckabee vs Arkansas Times (Part 2)

Well, now.  How about this!  The Huckabee vs Arkansas Times squabble gets an open thread at one of the bigger national blogs!  If you're not familiar with the open thread concept, you'll find all of the posts in the "comments".  The blogger simply tosses out a statement and opens things up for comment. By the way, make sure you follow the link to the Arkansas Times blog, too - and read the comments there.  Some great stuff in both places.


MSNBC on the Move

Hmmm.  In addition to Allison Stewart's new program (beginning Monday at 2 pm Central Time), it looks like MSNBC's boss has some more changes on the way.  Philosophically, at least, he's offering some fascinating hints at what he wants to do -


Blogger Sued

This seems a bit heavy-handed, doesn't it?  More than that, it's downright frightening.


National Anthem in Spanish

Big issue. Big debate.  All over the weekend TV talkers this morning.  Consider the following point-

Honoring Culture and Heritage  

A reader writes in to ask: "Please tell us again why the translation of the is making wingnut heads explode when they all but genuflect at the waving of the ?  Tell me please, which of these was meant to turn hearts to America, and which is meant to tear the country apart?"  I don't know the answer to that. Apparently honoring the confederate flag is [...]

Because, then, there are bloggers like Malkin -


Putting Things in Perspective

Just one comment and then the subject is dropped, because I agree with the post below.  You have to judge what's really important.  Rush got off easy.  Very easy.  That's it.  End of comments. 


Wiretaps and Secrecy Abound

A bunch of bloggers doing some serious digging into this story and coming up with some information I'm betting makes the mainstream next week.  You get a chance to stay ahead of the game.  Even on the weekend.


Border Fencing

Good Point, Blondesense! 


Another Black Mark

Yes, indeed.  The hits just keep on comin'



Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.


Saturday Posting

We're smack dab in the middle of a very rainy Saturday.  I left the house to run a couple of errands and planned to brave the rain and visit the Farmers' Market, but it's just too nasty to try it right now.  Looks like there may be a break shortly, so I'll try to get some posts up for you folks, in the meantime.


May Day Good Thoughts

Read this.  Before you talk about Monday and the protests.


Friday, April 28, 2006

The Prez

David Gregory of NBC News gets out final post of this night. Bush REALLY doesn't like him, does he?


Rove's Legal Troubles

Interesting analysis. About how much trouble Karl Rove could be in.

BREAKING: Rove's Legal Troubles More Extensive Than Previously Reported  

It has been widely reported that Rove's legal troubles center around his initial failure to tell prosecutors about his conversation with TIME Magazine's regarding 's wife. In a new story, reports that Rove could also be in legal jeopardy based on the substance of what he said about his conversation with Cooper once he acknowledged it occurred. Here's the critical point: [...]


National Anthem

Okay, now I have a couple of folks willing to get onto this bandwagon.  Let me know what  you think.  Should we okay a Spanish version of our ? Or, should we, as the President says - make sure that it's only in English?


So Much For "Fair and Balanced"

If you needed any more convincing, consider this.


Poll Dance and More

Norah O'Donnell guest-hosting Hardball with a suggestive caption yesterday.  My guess is that it was innocent.  But, this is a great post with lots of wonderful links!


Limbaugh's Drug "Deal"

Rush Limbaugh turned himself into the Sheriff's department today on a charge of "doctor shopping" for the drug he's addicted to.  He got a "deal".  Is it fair?

Shakes: Rush Limbaugh got arrested!

Mr. Shakes: Foor what?

Shakes: Prescription fraud.

Mr. Shakes: I hoope he roots in jail.

Shakes (this is before I knew more about the terms of his deal): Probably not. Probably just a fine


The Prez and ‎Big Oil

You can come at it from two directions, but the end result and bottom line are the same.



Ya know, if this had never happened, we might not have $70 a barrel oil right now.  Do any of you recall how much oil they USED to produce and sell?

Duh:  "DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - With oil prices above $70 a barrel fouling the world economy, dismay is focusing on , whose exports have slipped to their lowest levels since the 2003 invasion. "Iraq could be making a tremendous difference," said Dalton Garis, an economist at the [...] 


Russia's Dangerous Game

This certainly paints a frightening picture.  If Russia is, indeed, playing this dangerous "double game", there could be massive problems in the Middle East.  The scenario projected here is not a good one.


Expensive Wars

Wars are seldom cheap.  But somebody needs to get a handle on the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan!  Before we start ANOTHER one over in Iran.


Kristol and PNAC

PNAC (Project for a New American Century) is one of those things that doesn't get nearly the attention it deserves.  Bloggers have done quite a bit with it, but it seldom comes up in the mainstream media.  Just do a Google search and read about it some time.  You'll want to, after you watch this clip from "The Colbert Report" - video and transcript on the link.

Colbert shakes up Bill Kristol over PNAC ties

, who is one of the major players in the group called , joined the set of the "," and I think was taken off guard right at the outset of the show because he had to answer questions that our media never asks. PNAC envisioned America attacking the Middle East since the middle '90's and for some inexplicable reason (that was a joke) the media never questions him or his members which have lined the walls of Bush's cabinet about PNAC and how it influenced our foreign policy, which led us to attack Iraq. Colbert immediately called him on it and Kristol was quite [...]


Williams and Stewart

Robin and John.  Did you miss it last night on "The Daily Show"?   Yes, there is a substantial amount of "Bush-Bashing", but it's mostly funny and highly original.     Williams pretty much takes control!


Iran's Nuclear Threat

Who's telling the truth here?  The IAEA report indicates there's still a "concern" and that's probably enough to keep things moving toward some type of United Nations' sanctions.  But, that same IAEA report confirmed Iran is a long way from having weapons-grade nuke material in any quantity.


Today's Presidential Press Conference

Pretty much everything you need to know about it.  Summarized in three short lines of copy.


Another New Orleans Photo Op

It truly was just one photo op after another, yesterday in New Orleans.  Politicians pandering, hoping for a spark of support from somewhere.  All this trip accomplished was burning up a whole lot of jet fuel.  Isn't something wrong with this picture?


Texas Hate Crime

Dear God, this is so unbelievably horrible.  Stomach-turning.  Truly stomach-turning. 

More on Leopold and Loeb 2.0 

Holly forwarded me some recent local coverage of the earlier-mentioned savage beating and rape of a Hispanic teen by two white teens in Texas. This contains disturbing details.  "They stomped his head with their boots," said Harris County Sheriff's Lt. John Denholm. "They stripped him naked and sodomized him with the PVC pipe used to hold up a patio umbrella."  Tuck then kicked the pipe, causing even further damage, prosecutors said at a Thursday morning hearing.  "I don't mean just a little bit," Harris County prosecutor Mike Trent told District Judge Michael McSpadden. "He kicked it in and shoved it so far in that he has caused major internal injuries and [...]

The blogger comments: This is what happens when hate is allowed to flourish, when a group is reassured through policy, punditry, and pop culture that they are superior to others. Tuck and Turner are not a disturbing aberration; they are a portent of more ugliness to come if we allow hatemongering to continue to hold its place as a reasonable part of our public discourse. We as a society have turned a blind eye to the inescapable consequences of letting bigots hide their hateful rhetoric behind politics and [...]


Gassing Up

The President did some talking today.  About .  And .  And what needs to be done.  What he does NOT want is a tax on .  Beyond that?


Cunningham Scandal Update

It is gonna be one long, hot, summer in Washington.  VERY long and hot for some.


Another Economic Disconnect

The numbers DID come out.  But the bottom line remains the same.  Kevin has a GREAT descriptive line buried near the end of his post. 


Try, and Try Again

You just have to shake your head and wonder "why?"


Snow Fallout

Maybe eyes WILL be opened, thanks to the appointment.  Maybe attention WILL be drawn to the big issue.


Neil Young

Here's your first chance to listen to 's new, heavily-political, CD.  Feel free to comment. I'm just now headed over to give it a listen.


Terror Attacks

linLooks like there might be just a small problem with our "".  It's not working.


It's a Bill

I posted a link to this a while back.  Just a bit of a history lesson about how a bill becomes law.


Fitzmas? Maybe?

Keep an eye open Friday.


Cable TV Changes

I'm going to refer to the following post by our conservative blogger friend from North Dakota.  He does an excellent job of sorting through the very-complicated changing telecommunications scene.  It all has to do with digital vs analog, cable vs telephone, franchise fees and access to your home and pocket book.  Of course, it all boils down to $$$$, but he pulls the facts together.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Torture Report

And the bottom line really isn't pretty.  I don't see much improvement happening here.  Do you?


What Kevin Says

Yes, indeed.  Pandering of the most obvious kind.  $100.  Two or three tanks?  Tanks a lot.


Spending Our Tax Dollars

Accountability?  What accountability?  Not unless WE demand it.


Voting Machine Meltdowns

Great summary on a huge problem that's not being reported as well as it should be.  Arkansas has its own issues with  and the upcoming primary .  But, in all honestly, our problems pale in comparison to what some are dealing with. 

EXCLUSIVE ES&S MELTDOWN: Texas SoS Office Advises Election Officials to Create 'Emergency Paper Ballots' for Upcoming Elections! 

Director of Elections Sends Letter Authorizing Measure in Light of Latest Failure by Electronic Vendor Says Company's Performance in Most Recent -- of Many Similar Incidences Around the Country -- is 'Completely Unacceptable and Disturbing'...On Monday, Texas Director of Elections Ann McGeehan sent a letter to all state Election Officials authorizing them to create "emergency paper ballots" in light of statewide failures by Election [...]


What's Wrong with the Economy

We just can't get corporate and personal finances to move together, it seems.


Final Word

dUntil somebody comes up with something more concrete, let this be the final word on the latest Rove grand jury appearance.


Small Business Mis-Administration

That's what critics are expecting, thanks to the latest Bush appointment.  It really doesn't look very smart.  Or very good.

Bush Picks CEO of Multibillion-Dollar Firm to Head Small Business Administration  

President Bush this week nominated as the new head, continuing his legacy of appointing individuals to oversee agencies they will try to destroy. Preston “does not have experience running a small business,” and currently serves as a senior vice president of a “multibillion-dollar corporation” called which is known for bullying small businesses:  "[Preston’s] resume shows he has no experience as an entrepreneur and comes from a company with a reputation [...]


House Lawsuit

Fascinating tactic.  It's certainly keeping the pressure on!


Mine Disaster Magnified

This simply makes it all the sadder.  All the more difficult to accept. 


Darn it, Keith

Why'd ya' have to go ahead and retire.  Again.  Say it ain't so!


Port Security

It CAN be done.  Just look at China.  But, at what cost - politically and economically?  Somebody's gonna have to take the hit for .


Nice Try

Those little "end runs" just ain't gonna work in this game.


Dinner-Time Chuckle

Unless you realize that it's absolutely true and indicative of the Washington Mentality.  Thanks to Dana Milbank of the Washington Post -

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. have gone above $3 a gallon again, and that means it's time for another round of congressional finger-pointing. "Since and took over as president and vice president, gas prices have doubled!" charged Sen. (D-Calif.), standing at an station on Capitol Hill where regular unleaded hit $3.10. "They are too cozy with the oil industry." She then hopped in a waiting Chrysler LHS (18 mpg) -- even though her Senate office was only [...]

And, it just gets better from there!  Read it.


Yup. What He Says.

Conservative blogger posting from North Dakota, quoting from a fellow blogger -

Republicans As Stupid As Democrats On Gas Prices  

When it came to the , there used to be two distinct political parties in America. generally favored larger government, more controls over the economy, and higher taxes. Republicans preferred smaller government, a more free economy, and lower taxes. But in the dozen years since the gained control over Congress, they have inexplicably begun to morph into the party that they displaced [....]


Still Not Working

At least not well enough.  That is still bad news for a big chunk of our elderly population.  And, it's those who need it the most who are feeling the pain of a bad policy.


Hannity Humbled

Well, probably not.  But, he should have been.  Look at this slap in the face.


It Just Gets Dirtier and Dirtier

Really.  It does.  Now, they're talkin' prostitutes for Cunningham!


Getting the Boot

It just turns the stomach.  The latest from New Orleans.  Just as the President arrives.


Price Gouging

That Senate bill to crack down on may not have all the teeth you thought.  Consider this argument -


Harsh Words for Snow

Tony Snow has a real task ahead of him, it appears.


Iraq Today

Are R & R still there?  Or did they bail out and head home?


Big Oil Gets Bigger

The  numbers are simply staggering.


Another Day. Another Poll.

Another new low in a .  For the President and his party.

This time it's /. Approval for Bush is at 36 -- Congress is at 22, yes 22:  "According to the poll, just 22 percent approve of the job Congress is doing, a drop of 11 points since March. “That’s a lot of movement in a four- to six-week period,” says McInturff, the GOP pollster, who attributes the drop to a sharp decline in approval by Republican respondents.  Asked to rank the top one or two reasons for their disapproval of Congress, 44 percent say they are tired [...]


Iranian Nukes

Something tells me the translation might be a bit off.  But, you never know.  Remember where you saw it!


Walking the Immigration Tightrope

I wonder if Bush can make it to the other side of the tightrope. 


Busy Senate

These two stories broke late in the evening.  Looks to me like you have some Senators who are mightly unhappy. 


You Go, Girl!

She doesn't have Couric's job. Yet.  Plus, even if she did, viewers ought to be smart enough to know when a morning show host (she's not a newscaster) is expressing an opinion.  Has anybody watched "Fox and Friends" lately?  They do it all day, every day, and lead the cable ratings.  Somebody out there likes the approach!


New Orleans. How Bad?

Pretty Bad, it seems.  It should not fade from our attention.


Neil Young's Anti-Bush Song

Nobody has slipped the actual song onto the internet yet.  But  FOX News (yeah, you do have to wonder WHY) got a copy of the lyrics.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another Iraq Vacation

Rummy and Condi.  Got that game face on.


Secret Flights

Just close your eyes for a moment, spin around, and the numbers will increase.  Again. It's just amazing that it's always the European media that finds this stuff.

A new European report citing flight records from the air safety agency, Eurocontrol, says that over 1,000 CIA flights in connection with the secret abduction and rendition of prisoners have taken place over European territory since 2001.  The investigation, originally launched to look into allegations of in Europe, ran into a stonewall from the U.S. and Eastern European nations where those prisons were meant to be. Investigators believed in any case that the prisons were closed even before they were discovered and any traces covered.  However, the investigation also began looking into CIA flights and has uncovered a wealth of evidence of [...]


Rove and the Grand Jury

Looks like he wanted to have it his way, but that's not how it went.


Desperate Measures for Desperate Times

has some of the highest in the country.  So high that people are getting THIS desperate.


FOX (es) in the White House

Oh, this is just so darn funny!  Tony Snow is just the beginning!  Read it and go to bed with a smile on your face!