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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Part Two. Speech React

There will be much more tomorrow.  Dig through the earlier posts to find those who live-blogged it tonight. I'm off to bed.  Until morning.  Consider the speech. In the interest of fairness, this from Powerline Blog


Speech React

Didn't take long. Even here in Arkansas.  Bloggers are debating the speech. Join in, if you're so inclined, with our friends at and their blog. I don't usually copy an entire post, but they deserve your comments.  I'll follow up tomorrow.


The Speech

Written before the speech by our fellow Arkansas blogger, Matilda.  It's good.  On target. And, I'm guessing, it will ring true after all is said. 

State of the Onion Address

According to the pundits, President Bush is going to address the state of American health care as well as address our dependence on foreign oil tonight in his State of the Union address.
Will Bush call for universal health care in this country like many other developed countries have? Will he call for reworking Medicare since the new prescription drug choice abortion is impossible to figure out, is going to cause seniors to skip taking medicine, and will lead to more illness and deaths? Will he call for a veto of the upcoming budget bill that transfers higher payments to recipients of Medicaid, pushing our poorest folks further from medical treatment and good health? [...]
There is more.  Much more.  And it all is well-done.  Don't think Arkies aren't on top of things.


Addicted to Spying

And the telcos aren't happy.  They're facing lawsuits over the s.   Looks  like somebody MAY have a point!


Sheehan Arrested

Trying to follow the speech online tonight.  Others in the house don't want to watch.  But snagged this interesting bit online.  Sounds pretty quirky. may polarize, but THIS?


Addicted to Oil

As the President's speech begins, some early thoughts about past speeches.  And past campaigns.


Iran Nukes


Foot in Mouth

Unbelievable.  It's looking a lot like A.G. Gonzales might net a veterinarian to extract his foot from his mouth.  And, I really can't blame Senator Feingold for demanding an answer.  Wonder if (and when) he'll get it?  Maybe it'll be tucked in with Abamoff papers and pictures.


Polls and Predictions

We're talking new polls and the State of the Union on today's 5:30 Report.  Jump on board and tell us what YOU think!  Make sure you vote in our new poll, it's at the top of the sidebar on the right side of the page.

Incumbents Still in Better Shape Than 1994  

From the new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll: "In a sign of trouble for the incumbent party, a 46% plurality says it is time to give a new candidate a chance to serve in , rather than the current representative. That predilection for change isn't as pronounced as it was in January 1994, 10 months before the Republicans swept away Democratic House and Senate majorities. But for now it erases the edge incumbents enjoyed when Republicans defended their majorities in the past four [...]


CNN's Amanpour on Iraq

She doesn't mince any words.  I'm thinking she just might have crossed that journalistic line in the sand between reporting and commenting.


Prayer Feather

Keeping the courts busy, aren't we?  Follow the link to the Arkansas Times blog to read the full story.


Speech News Updates

Both ABC and NBC have announced rather interesting coverage plans as sidebars to the President's State of the Union speech tonight.  As we noted yesterday, ABC is welcoming video comments from viewers.  NBC will have White House correspondant, , live-blogging the speech and responding to comments.


Newsweek Oooops

Just a SMALL little change, isn't it? 


Alito Confirmation

Judge is now Justice Samuel Alito.  The vote went down in the Senate just as predicted by most.  So, the question everybody is chatting about today is quite simple: Did Alito opponents gain or lose with all of the "filibuster" talk over the weekend and yesterday?  Here's a well-written piece from a blogger on the left.  It's long and detailed.  But, worth reading.


Let's Ask the Iraqis

What do they think about the United States?  What about our plans?   They are, quite frankly, not very happy or optimistic.


A Mexican Invasion in the Works

Where the heck did THIS come from?  I'll be looking for some more references to support it, beyond MSNBC.


Final Day Funnies

It's the last day of the month.  I don't know if this has been out for a while, but it was new to me.  The latest from the guys over at JibJab.  2005 in the President's world.


SOTU Speech and Health Savings Accounts

This blogger does a good job of outlining why they are NOT a good idea.  Don't know that I totally agree, since I know some people who have them (and like them). See what you think.


Monday, January 30, 2006

Quote of the Day

Just think about it.  All in the family.


The Abramoff Documents

Now they're juggling the speech and the documents.  It's looking like the White House is caving to pressure from both parties, but not until releasing something won't take the attention away from the speech.


Oil Company Profits

Through the roof.  At least for Exxon.  And none of them want to talk about it. 


Interesting SOTU Speech Concept

Kudos to ABC news for trying something different during the State of the Union speech.  Might be worth keeping an eye on, even if you don't plan on watching the speech.


Military Tragedy in Iraq

This is not from the MSM, but it does seem to be well-sourced.  If, indeed, it's been happening, it needs to be fixed. I know it's a war, but our female soldiers shouldn't be dying because they're afraid to go to a latrine. Afraid of being raped.  By other American soldiers.


Spinning the Polls

Yes, indeed.  Both sides can spin, when they want to.  Let's talk about the latest polls.  First, this from the Right side of the blogosphere.


Controlling What We See

Quite the compelling argument here that the White House really wants to keep close reign on what we see in photographs of some events.  If this is to be believed, it's bad practice.  REALLY bad.


Previewing the Big Speech

On-air blogs from today's 5:30 Report focus on tomorrow night's speech.  The White House says it'll be a big speech.  An important one.  Our first blog has some poll numbers that indicate a lot of Americans just really don't care.


The Best Debaters


FEMA Incompetence


Drug Costs

More evidence of just how confusing (and costly) the new Medicare Prescription Drug plan really is.  If you - or someone you know - is involved with Medicare, this is must-read information.


The Democratic Agenda

Interesting new polling numbers.  Strong support for Democratic ideas. 


Blogging Baghdad

There's so much good writing on the NBC Baghdad blog today, you really need to spend some time checking it out.  Here are snippets from a couple of the pieces.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Very Much Local Chatter

Another Little Rock blogger.  I have no idea who he is (at least I don't think I know him).  But his posts are outstanding.  True, he writes about local newspaper sportswriters (Wally Hall), but it's just so damn good that I'm sending you there to read it.  And, he is right.  We had marvelous weather.  My son and I took his dog and our two dogs for a walk, including even the elderly Scottie.  He hipped and hopped around the block like a puppy!  Slept for three hours once we got back to the house, but it made his day and it made my day!  We all should have little "smile events" like that.  At least once a weekend.  Now, read. And enjoy.


The Marlboro Man From Iraq

So sad.  Create an icon.  And then destroy him.




I'm sure you've heard by now - an ABC news anchor and photographer were seriously injured when an IED exploded near Baghdad.  Read now, this post from their colleagues.


Why Not Filibuster

I'll give John credit.  His arguments are well thought out and well made. 


Stop-Loss Numbers


Which Direction? Dem? GOP?

These new numbers ought to put a smile on some Democratic candidates across the nation.  I'm surprised at how strong these numbers are for the Democrats.  Are you?


Revolt at the White House

Looks like a good read.  It's on my list to peruse this evening.  Have this little thing called "taxes" that demand attention, too!


Flood Insurance, Anybody?

Now, this is gonna hurt.  Badly.  A lot of folks who counted on it.  Another governmental drop-kick for Katrina victims.


Looking Forward to Tuesday

And the speech.  Sunday papers and pundits are writing and talking about it.  Will you be watching?


Koppel Writes About TV

First, it was (formerly CNN), stepping forward to criticize the industry.  Now 's speaking out.  Strong words from both men.


Hand Over the Documents

Even Republicans are saying the White House needs to come around and release the Abramoff documents.

Thune: White House Should Release Records of Contacts With Abramoff  

Mike Pence (R-IN), appearing on Fox with Thune, agreed...Meanwhile, the White House describes people who want to these records released as “engage[d] in partisan attacks.” [...]


Bush Economics

Comparing Bush with Clinton.  Keep in mind, the author is NOT a raving liberal.



No paper trail, apparently.  I'll leave it to you to decide if you believe the reports. 



Preview of the President's SOTU speech Tuesday.  I'm a bit baffled.  I've been thinking lately that I was UNDER-insured, since my out of pocket costs continue to climb.  Hmmm.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Young Turks Filibuster

They finally decided to get some sleep.  After more than 24 hours. I've done telethons. Not easy. Not healthy. But they have some great folks lined up. If you can get to their internet stream.  It's bogged down. Overwhelmed.  Says a lot about the campaign to force the filibuster.


Clinton and the Future

For your Saturday night.  sounding, well, like Bill Clinton.  Smart. On the environment.


Just for Reference

In case you really want to join the campaign to force the filibuster against .  Some fax numbers and the updates on who's on board. By the way, in case you think this whole thing had no potential, consider that fact that radio show that started the push has overwhelmed, by my count, three servers tonight.  They have two mirrors posted, but both are overwhelmed.  That, in itself, should say something. At least three servers.  Too many people trying to listen. And comment.  They just may have something here!

UPDATE:  Main site seems to be back up. It's just after 8 pm Central Time. But there's no streaming video or audio.

For the sake of our Children...

Kos is keeping us up to date in their great war room on the filibuster. Here is the list of fax numbers:

AR: Lincoln(D) (202) 228-1371
AR: Pryor(D) (202) 228-0908 [...]


Katrina Confusion

New York Times has a scorching article today about the response to .  And it's based on information from a White House briefing!


Filibuster Fight

Looks like the phones/faxes could likely be ringing this weekend for Arkansas' Senators, Lincoln and Pryor.  Assuming the blogosphere really DOES have some degree of power and influence on the idea.


The Challenger Disaster

20 years ago today.  And it's a key event in my career.  It happened on my first day on the job at , here in .  I was sitting in News Director Bob Steel's office when it happened.  20 years ago.  Our kids have grown up here.  And it seems like yesterday.

Lessons learned 20 years after space shuttle disaster  —  CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (AP) — Twenty years ago, blew apart in jets of fire and plumes of smoke, a terrifying sight witnessed by the families of the seven astronauts and by those who came [...]

UPDATE:  Great collection of articles about the day. Grab something to drink.  Whatever your poison. And read. And remember.

It was 20 years ago today. A sunny, blue sky day, but a dark day when family members, school kids, people on the ground at the launch and those in front of TVs were watching a major space event. The spacecraft was off! Then the smoke. And for a moment several seconds that seemed like a lifetime they were stunned.  20 years ago today, space shuttle Challenger took off amid hopes and exhilaration since it carried citizens in space with it, into a highly -touted new era. Space travel had become almost routine. Almost [...]


Cutting Reserves and National Guard

This ought to raise an eyebrow or two among our readers.  One of those little things that appears late on Friday, to avoid much media attention.  Darn those bloggers.  They started chatting about it and now the cable news folks are all over it, too.


The Alternate State of the Union

It's just nice to see that the voices from the "other" side will have a chance to be heard.  Note that Arkansan is at the top of the list of speakers.  Should be interesting to tune into.


Here is the final schedule for Monday's forum that my colleagues and I have organized titled "The Real State of U.S. Foreign Policy 2006".  The meeting will take place from [...]


Public vs Private Schools

The Arkansas Times blog gang has been scanning the and came up with a most interesting report on the vs debate.


Bloggers' Impact

Interesting piece on how bloggers are pushing the to be more active.  And how, together, they could impact the .

WP: Blogs Attack From Left as Democrats Reach for Center 

Washington Post:  Democrats are getting an early glimpse of an intraparty rift that could complicate efforts to win back the White House: fiery raising their voices on Web sites and in interest groups vs. elected officials trying to appeal to a much broader audience. These activists -- spearheaded by battle-ready bloggers and making their influence felt through relentless e-mail campaigns -- have denounced what they regard as a flaccid Democratic response [...]


Wal-Mart Health Concerns

This can't be good news for the folks up in Bentonville.  They have another pesky state to deal with on the issue.


New Orleans Promises

Promises made. Promises broken. 


Reporters' Thoughts. From Iraq.

Just more good stuff from the NBC crew in Baghdad.  Enjoy.  The inside story.


The Abramoff Money Trail

Memories. Memories.  Did the money go to Democrats?


Friday, January 27, 2006

Filibuster Updates. Again.

Things keep changing.  The liberal bloggers are slightly hopeful.  Conservative bloggers are just a bit worried.

Sen. Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Dick Durbin, Russ Feingold, Debbie Stabenow , Ted Kennedy all have come out in support of John Kerry's filibuster plan.  Email them your appreciation. Keep working on the rest. Sen. Feinstein said last week she'd oppose a filibuster and yet changed her mind. Others can [...]


Iraq. Updates.

Optimistic?  Pessimistic?  You decide.


Do I Know You?

Sex, Lies and Videotape.  Well, Lies and Videotape, anyway.


Today Santorum said this to the Pittsburg Post-Gazette:   "I had absolutely nothing to do--never met, never talked, never coordinated, never did anything -- with Grover Norquist and the -- quote -- K Street Project." 

Guess what the old video clip shows?


NBC vs Arianna

Well, isn't this turning into a nasty little fight!?!?  Arianna Huffington has been blasting Tim Russert lately and now the NBC public relations machine has been turned on high speed to support him.


A new controversy has broken out: it's NBC's Tim Russert Versus Arianna Huffington, who is accusing Russert of a conflict of interest and says Russert's camp is now trying to discredit her with charges long proven [...]


Filibuster Flip-Flop

Seems the Conservative bloggers are getting just a wee bit worried now.  We're seeing some Senators solidly align with Kerry's filibuster plans; Senators who HAD been waffling on the cloture half of the deal.


All Those Polls

We focused on fresh polling information in our on-air blog segment today.  And there are a ton of new numbers to chew on.


Friday Funnies

Oh, go ahead.  You know you want to! Laugh a little!  It's Friday and it's almost quittin' time around these parts!


Iran. You KNOW It's Next.

The push appears to be underway.  Courtesy of Newt Gingrich.


Wal-Mart Job Rush

Conservative bloggers are touting this story.  Consider THIS question as you read the report - isn't it somewhat shocking that there are that many people looking for work in one area? Even if it IS near Chicago. I doubt that most of them are currently employed and just "want" to move from their current job to .


Money Talks

And pictures walk.  This really does explain a lot about the Bush/Abramoff "missing pictures" matter. A lot.


Filibuster Update

First of all, kudos to the crew at the Young Turks radio program.  They are filibustering in support of the Senate proposed by .  They're into their 20th hour ( maybe a little longer).  They have a live video stream up, too.  You can watch it from their website.  It's an interesting exercise. I'd suggest you might want to drop in periodically and see how they're doing.  Apparently, they're getting some support from big-name talkers who are volunteering to pull a shift or two over the weekend.  Their regular program airs on Sirius Satellite radio from 5-8 pm Central Time, so they're closing in on a full day on the air, with the promise to stay at it until the Alito vote or filibuster next week.  Now, here's a blog post that would raise their blood pressure.  Nasty stuff, my friends. Nasty.

The Filibuster Threat  

What have the Democrats become, but a bunch of unsuccessful cat herders under the command of Kossacks and PFAW members.  The Democrat strategy in the Alito hearings FAILED. The Democrats FAILED to stick together. The Democrats FAILED to halt the United States Supreme Court shifting to the right. And now they are making last ditch moans to placate the left that they "would filibuster and should filibuster if only they could filibuster."  Is their base so pathetic that it will give credibility to John Kerry from Switzerland and now Harry Reid trying to kiss them after a one night stand of self-flagellation or do Reid and Kerry view their base so pathetically, thinking that with the game lost, they'll still say they're going to filibuster to keep the base happy [...]


New Orleans Future Face

Striking numbers.  Then again, perhaps it's just part of the "master plan".


Fight Over Alito

Interesting.  Read.  Think. Comment.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Future Budget

Oh, it's just so beautiful. Just watch the $$$$$ roll up.


Millitary Situationer

Follow the reports. Who knew what. When.  And who could discount which report? 


But, Wait. There's More.

I've used the line before.  But it's most appropriate tonight. More news conference. More questions. More Abramoff.


Pictures. Pictures. Who's Got the Pictures?

Not the place that's BEEN selling them, apparently.


Bush News Conference. Part 1

Oh, I could probably find enough transcripts and clips to run all night.  Here's just one to start.

Watch Bush tap dance around the first question to him today regarding Hamas winning big in the election. WTF did he mean by calling it a  "wake up call to the leadership?" What does it say about the job Condi Rice has been [...]


The TV News Biz

Wow!  One of the better speeches I can recall from a past or present television news person.  Aaron Brown, formerly of CNN, pretty much smacked down the industry and paints a pretty bleak picture.  Here's hoping he's a bit more pessimistic than he needs to be. 

Aaron Brown: "Truth No Longer Matters... In The Context Of Cable News"...  

The anchorman whose boss once characterized him as ice compared with his successor's fire was anything but chilly in the impassioned speech he delivered Tuesday at The Society of the Four Arts.  "Truth no longer matters in the context of politics and, sadly, in the context of cable news," said Aaron Brown, whose four-year period as anchor of CNN's NewsNight ended in November, when network executives gave his job to Anderson Cooper in a bid [...]


The Money Trail

It runs right to Pat Robertson.  And not in a small way.  Makes you wonder how THIS happened.  Remember, it's your money.  Your taxes.


Go, David, Go!

Bush and McClellan must have nightmares about David Gregory. He's become the real "pit bull" among reporters covering the White House.  The amazing thing is that he's only doing what reporters are SUPPOSED to do - ask questions and demand answers.  When you don't get them,  you ask again.  Until a video clip comes along, you'll have to live with a transcript. 


Wiretap Turnaround + Hillary's Campaign

On on-air blog segment today focuses on a solid score for the blogosphere - a blooger breaks a story that becomes frontpage news!

Our second blog today focuses on the "Hillary for President" debate.  By the way, join in the game by casting your vote in our online poll.  It's near the top of the sidebar, over on the right. 


Conspiracy Theory?

Well, you must admit it DOES look more than just a little bit suspicious.  And it does involved the President. And the Abramoff scandal.

 Abramoff prosecutor to get a promotion  

I'm not one to buy into conspiracy theories, but the timing of this nomination is a little odd. President Bush on Wednesday nominated one of the Justice Department's lead prosecutors in the Jack Abramoff corruption probe to a U.S. District Court seat in New Jersey. Noel Hillman, chief of the department's public integrity section, was nominated for [...]


Border Corruption

Indeed.  There seem to always be a few "bad apples" who manage to make a bad name for themselves.  The problem is, that "bad name" can spread.


Santorum's Tap-Dance

They just never learn, do they?  You can't go changing what you say, without it coming back to bite you in the backside.  Eventually.


Fillibuster Talk Heats Up

Seems Kerry is leading the charge now. Things still may get interesting!


Couric vs Dean

Some days you just HAVE to wonder.  Did you watch the Today Show this morning?  The bloggers caught Katie trying to get Howard Dean to buy into some GOP talking points.

On this morning’s Today Show, Katie Couric falsely claimed that Democrats took money from Jack Abramoff. Howard Dean tried to set her straight, but she stuck to the right-wing talking points:

    COURIC: Hey, wait a second. Democrats took — Democrats took money from Abramoff too, Mr. Dean.

    DEAN: That is absolutely false. That did not happen. Not one dime of money from Jack Abramoff went to any Democrat at any time.

    There's more.  Read it.  Watch it. 


    Wednesday, January 25, 2006

    Barney, The Scottie, Speaks

    As the proud parent of an (aging) Scottie, I had to snag this one. Even in their elder years, they still like those....oh, you just have to read this to find out.


    As part of the White House's aggressive campaign to defend President Bush's domestic wiretapping policy, Barney the White House Dog was sent out to meet with reporters earlier today. Some analysts interpreted the first-of-its-kind press conference [...]


    Go For It, NBC

    Yes, it's another email-based post, but it's deserved.  Being on our end of this business can be difficult.  For this very reason. You go home at night (assuming you actually get to leave work for a while) and wonder if you're doing the right thing.  The NBC crew argues correctly:

    I wrote the following for broadcast tonight. We have omitted the names from the e-mails, and they are just a representative sample of what we receive every day:

    A necessary word about our coverage of the storm zone -- specifically, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the City of New Orleans. Lately, a lot of viewers have felt the need to tell us what they think of our coverage, and we like that and we read them all. And while most of the e-mails we get are from folks wanting to thank us for our coverage, an increasing number do not.

    Here are just a few from the past few days: [...]


    Voting Machines. More Tests

    Yes, indeed.  Somebody put more electronic voting machines to the test.  Guess what happened.?