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Friday, December 01, 2006

Today's Mega-Debate

This one actually blew up last night, but it's certainly still a hot topic today.  It all has to do with the swearing in of one of our new member of Congress.  Who just happens to be a Muslim. If you haven't heard about this, I'll give you three seconds to guess what's happening.  One.....two....three.  Go via AmericaBlog -

And we wonder why they hate us

According to the extremists running the Republican party, the greatest threat to America today is posed by the newest member of Congress from Minnesota, Keith Ellison. Ellison is a pious American who believes in God and regularly prays. He also is Muslim... The religious right Republicans are apoplectic and the Republican hate-radio shock jocks are beside themselves. But because, even for them, attacking Ellison for simply being a Muslim-American would be a tad too hateful for post-Salem America, Republicans are attacking this American person of faith for something far more sinister. You see, Ellison prays with a Koran...And what's worse, he wants a [...]

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