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Friday, December 15, 2006

The Senators' Big Trip

It really is pretty much an "end run" around the Administration's lack of action in the Middle East.  And the response FROM the Administration is exactly what you'd expect.

Visits to Syria by Senators irritates Tony Snow and the Bush Team

Because the Bush White House has been so adept at foreign policy, the spokesperson is challenging the credibility of U.S. Senators who are visiting Syria. The New York Times reports on Tony Snow's "harsh words" about Bill Nelson and the other Senators who are headed [...]

Bob Geiger has more -

Helen Thomas and Tony Snowjob

Seldom a day goes by in the Brady Briefing Room without everyone's real reporter, Helen Thomas, going after White House Press Secretary Tony Snow for the raw hypocrisy of the Bush administration. The venerable Thomas was at it again yesterday… This time she followed up on Snow implying that U.S. Senators visiting Syria is inappropriate meddling in American policy, by asking Snow about [...]

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