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Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Night Posts

Just a few links to give you something to do this Monday night.

Perhaps Some GOP Members Are Starting To See The Light: Iraq “May Even Be Criminal”

Tom Delay was on one of the cable talk shows today (I had nothing better to do) and he admitted that he didn't even write the posts on his new blog - he tosses the concept out to somebody who does the writing.  Says he isn't a good writer.

Welcoming the blogosphere’s latest high-profile addition (and Russell Kirk acolyte)

Bush At All-time Low in Zogby Poll

Harry Reid: "We're going to find out how intelligence was manipulated, taking us to war"

Well, at least he knows what a Blackberry IS!

Incoming Defense Secy Gates Writing Texas A&M Students On Blackberry During Senate Hearings...

Strong Public Support For Medicare Drug Benefit Changes

And, then, there is this -

Cupcake Mania


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