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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Iraq Study Group

Just in case you've been away from TV or the internet this morning -

Iraq Study Group to Bush: End Combat Role for Troops by 2008

According to CNN: WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Iraq Study Group report gives a "tough assessment of the situation in Iraq" but provides "common ground" for a way forward, President Bush said Wednesday. Bush spoke at the White House after receiving the group's report in a breakfast meeting. According to two sources who have seen the executive summary of the group's report, the panel urges Bush to move most U.S. troops out of combat roles by early 2008. The bipartisan panel, however, stops short of a timetable for withdrawal. "We will [...]

UPDATE: Steve Soto has some thoughts on the report and what may happen -

With Report Out, Bush Can Now Move On And Ignore It



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