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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I'm dead-tired, and I didn't even stay up as late as my wife!  We're not going to rehash election returns.  You all know how things turned out.  We'll update those remaining senate races, as they become final, because they are significant results. And we will examine the newly forced relationship between the Bush White House and Congress.  But, we're kicking things off today with a New York Times article on the roll bloggers played yesterday.  via AmericaBlog -

NYT on the power of the blogs this election

And, John Dean agrees -

Dean Gets It

From Howard Dean's briefing at the National Press Club this morning:  Question: What role did the liberal blogosphere play? Howard Dean: That’s a growing influence on politics in general. There is also a conservative blogosphere, not only the liberal blogosphere, of course. The netroots community can be very proud.  They’re playing a bigger role. Without the blogs, Jerry McInerny and [...]

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