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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Note

Before the entire day gets away from us, I'm stealing a few moments to post on this Thanksgiving Day, 2006. It's been a good one for us. Kids are here (albeit a short visit) and we had a great meal, including some "new" additions, thanks to daughter and future daughter-in-law. The newbies were green beans, wrapped in bacon and baked in butter and brown sugar plus a really good crockpot stuffing (thanks to son and future daughter-in-law) that was a real hit. A second batch of stuffing (yeah, it was kinda like "Iron Chef" around here today!) compliments of the Mrs. was also a hit. Add in turkey and Cream Cheese Potatoes and a fresh fruit salad and we're all stuffed. Football on the TV, two games down and one to go. Kansas City carries a new importance for daughter. Her boyfriend is from there and she's a big, new, fan! So, I'm off to watch with everyone. It appears (after a short breeze through Bloglines) that there is one big story today. I believe the numbers need to updated, but the basics are here. It's not good, what we're hearing from Iraq today.

Over 130 killed in Baghdad car bombings. Is Cheney headed there?

UPDATE: This is now being called the deadliest insurgent attack since the Iraq war began. Not much to give thanks for in Iraq today. Extreme violence on top of extreme violence:Six car bombs killed more than 130 people Thursday in Baghdad's Sadr City, according to Iraq's health minister. Police had conflicting numbers for those killed and [...]

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