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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Shoutdown

Watching "Meet the Press" before jumping into the shower to officially start the day - quite the shouting match between Elizabeth Dole and Rahm Emanuel.  I'm sure there will be clips later today.  I have some family stuff scheduled for a while, but will get the good stuff online later today.  Suffice it to say, Dole keeps trying to dominate the discussion.  She simply won't stop talking.  Maybe she had a chance to read the New York Times editorial page before she went on the air.  That would certainly explain a bit of belligerence on her part.

All Republicans in Congress (including the so-called moderates) have enabled Bush's incompetence --and they must pay the price

Blistering editorial in today's NY Times. They endorsed no Republicans for the House or Senate this year. The Congressional Republicans have failed to hold Bush accountable while they've all been corrupt and incompetent. Bush and the Hill Republicans have been a toxic combination for America.  The only way to change the course is to [...]

UPDATE:  No clips yet, but MSNBC has the full show online.  There are some interesting parts, particularly what I referenced above.  The "good stuff" comes fairly late in the show, so you'll have to sit through the other material (it's worth watching), since you can't fast-forward on the MSNBC video player.

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