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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Striking Description

A true must-read from the Washington Post, via FireDogLake.  This is why so many of the pundits are saying we truly are stuck in Iraq.


Thomas Ricks, author of Fiasco and long-time military affairs reporter, had a very disturbing portrait in the WaPo of the mess that is the "training" of the Iraqi "military": Some advisers reported being personally targeted by infiltrators. "We had insurgents that we detected and arrested in the battalion that were planning an operation against me and my [...]

UPDATE: Okay, friends. On top of the kids coming home, Thanksgiving dinner to fix, etc - we have a new dog in the house.  We recently had to put our little Scottie to sleep and the kids decided Mom needed a replacement.  So, they went to the Animal Shelter and picked out an appropriate dog today.  She's cute. She's five years old. And she's housetrained! But, we'll all be spending some time with her. And our other pup.  Enjoy your time together.

UPDATE 2: Okay, so the Shelter was right. The previous owners turned the dog in because she always dug under the fence. Tongiht, we let her out and noticed she wasn't coming back in. I couldn't find her in the back yard. Daughter and friend took off to look for her, wife started walking.  Daughter called and said the dog was across the street. By the time I got outside, she was three houses up the street.  She went under one fence and then another. I went back in the house and she was at the back door. Looks like we have some fence work to do this weekend.!

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