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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Staying The Course

It was really quite an amazing news conference.  President Bush and Prime Minister al-Maliki.   Bush basically telling the Iraq Study Group that he's doing things his way, no matter what.

He’s All In

Newsweek:  For anyone expecting more out of Amman, or more out of the extensive policy reviews under way, they need look no further than President Bush himself. No matter what the result of the midterm elections, nor the conclusions of James Baker, there is only one commander in chief, and only one decider. And his decisions [...]

Apparently, al-Maliki kept talking, with reporters, after the President left.  Hmmmm.

Al-Maliki: We Can Take Over In June 2007

Al-Maliki told the media, but not Bush, that his forces would be ready to take command throughout the country by June 2007. Al-Maliki also sidestepped Bush and Condi's questions about disarming al-Sadr's militia without committing to it, because he clearly cannot.  Reuters was told that the Baker/Hamilton report will recommend [...]

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