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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday Update

Productive visit to the Farmers' Market this morning - lots of fall/winter squash and, amazingly, still some local tomatoes, lettuce, scallions, etc. Looks like another good "salad week"!  Also got some additional "beefalo" - it's a cross breed between a buffalo and a regular beef cow.  Just as tasty as beef, but lower in fat than turkey and more tender than full buffalo or bison. Fresh eggs and cheese processed locally.  And, some of the best apples you'll find anywhere!  Arkansas Black apples - very dark red (almost black) skin and very hard and crunchy.  I love 'em and they keep for weeks.  Got the back yard desert mowed, so now I'm covered in dust and sweat.  Nice picture, huh?  Headed for the shower after I give you guys a few things to look at, starting with the latest political polls -

Newsweek Poll: GOP Falling Farther Behind

A new Newsweek poll finds that Republicans are not gaining momentum in the final days before the election, despite the stumping by Bush and Cheney. Rather, they are falling [...]

I've never done this before, but one of the blogs I read several times a day is the prolific AmericaBlog.  I just skimmed through the latest posts in Bloglines and there are so many great bits of information that I'm just going to link to several of them without clipping any content.  Go pay John and the gang a visit and read to your heart's content.

Scandalized evangelical leader had extensive ties to Bush, White House

Haggard gave sex/drug interview in front of his kids

GOP Congress gives military brass whopping pay raise, while troops on the ground gets next to nothing

That's just for starters.  There's much more.  Make AmericaBlog a regular read.  I'm back in a while. Enjoy.

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