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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday Morning

Welcome to Saturday around these parts.  Looks to be a decent day, weather-wise.  Been catching up on the overnight news/political developments on TV.  It seems everybody has something to say in these days leading up to the election.  Among the biggest stories (one we noted last night) is the report that all the Military Times newspapers are going to call for Rumsfeld to be removed as Defense Secretary. E&P (via AmericaBlog) has the full text of the editorial.

BREAKING: All 4 leading military papers will call Monday for Rumsfeld to resign or be fired

Also getting lots of attention, criticism of the Bush Administration from a surprise trio -

Neocons now blame Bush for Iraq failure (none of it was their fault)

Vanity Fair provides a preview of an upcoming article with neocon leaders Richard Perle, Kenneth Adelman and David Frum, among others. They are brutal now towards Bush and his administration over the Iraq quagmire. The cheerleaders for the Iraq war blame Bush for the failure [...]

Thus begins your reading for today.  We'll be hitting the Farmers' Market (one of the final days for this year) and need to do a final mowing of the back yard.  Just look for the dust cloud over this direction this afternoon!  Also, scroll down and catch the long list of posts from Friday.  We'll update later today.  Don't forget, we're also looking for a verdict in the Saddam Hussein trial this weekend.

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