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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Round Two

Or is it Round Three?  Now that Kerry has apologized. Officially and honestly.  It's the Dems' turn to turn the tables.

Dean to Boehner: Apologize

UPDATE: CNN just reported on Howard Dean's and Harry Reid's demands that Boehner apologize. CNN contacted Boehner for a response but hasn't heard back yet. This should be fun. Howard Dean just issued the following statement: [...]

UPDATE: Boehner says no apology is needed.  Sure.

Republican House Leader John Boehner refuses to take back comment blaming US military in Iraq for screwing up the war

Kevin Madden, Boehner's spokesman, sent this response: “Democrats are quickly squandering any and all credibility by even attempting to equate Mr. Boehner’s comments with criticism of anyone in the military. It’s an obvious and weak attempt to deflect criticism from [...]

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