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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Robo-Calls Continue

In Tennessee, they're getting particularly ugly.

Robo calls to blacks in TN: "If you voted for Ford in August primary, you don't have to vote again"

There are reports out of Nashville that African Americans are getting phone calls telling them if they voted for Harold Ford Jr. in the August primary, they don't need to vote for him again now.  According to media reports from Nashville, volunteers driving senior citizens to the polls for early [...]

UPDATE:  Here, my friends, is the "big picture" on this story. How bad is it?

NRCC Robo-Calls Attack 46 Democrats

Just how bad are the GOP and the NRCC scamming the voters with robo-calls this last weekend and today? They have dumped nearly $600,000 into robo-calls to attack 46 Democratic candidates over the last several days, using in some cases the despicable tactic of calling voters in the middle of the night to enrage them into [...]

Hmmm.  Looks like somebody was taking some heat over all of this -

Company behind GOP...

Company behind GOP robocall election subversion operation pulls its own phone numbers [...]

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