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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Quips And Quotes

I'm going to be posting some select video clips from election night television coverage.  I spent most of the night watching MSNBC, because they were wall-to-wall with returns and analysis. Plus, they pulled a neat little sucker-punch on the anti-Olbermann crowd.  The Olbermann haters have been crowing about how MSNBC wasn't including Keith in their election-night plans, because he wasn't mentioned in some of the promos.  Surprise!  He showed up as a full-fledged co-anchor with Chris Matthews.  There were some rough spots in the beginning, but things smoothed out as the evening progressed.  This clip focuses on an interchange between some the MSNBC reporters and analysts, but also shows a smooth, competent and not over-the-top Keith Olbermann in action.

Bob Shrum Quiets Norah O'Donnell

Bob Shrum stops Norah O'Donnell from waxing stupid before giving way to some talk about the Republican Senate offering the world to Joe Lieberman in order to prevent Democrat control. Finally, the clip ends with some pretty hearty laughter from Chris Matthews and [...]

At least one reviewer agrees with me -

Election Night: Coverage Reviews…

The Orlando Sentinel’s Hal Boedeker… MSNBC was the most compelling cable news channel. Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann formed an energetic anchor team. Matthews, a feisty interviewer, peppered guests with hard-hitting questions. He sought clearer answers on Iraq policy from Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The MSNBC panel, which included Andrea Mitchell and Joe [...]

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