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Monday, November 06, 2006

Predictions and Projections

We'll try to track all the predictions we stumble on right here, so take note of the permalink (hidden in the timestamp at the bottom of this post) and check back frequently.

Predictions Thread

Rather than wait any longer, let's cut to the chase. I've looked at the same stuff the rest of you have, and have factored in my usual biases, which I will keep to myself for now. I have taken into account the typical GOP advantages, the media's cheerleading for the GOP (especially ABC), and refusal to cover with any degree of doggedness the GOP's voter suppression and voting fraud campaigns.  My prediction is simple: [...]

Larry Sabato: Dems win Senate and House

Sabato, one of the top political scientists/pundits in the land, is making the following updated predictions: [...]

Cook Political Report makes final predictions - dismisses notion that there has been a significant tightening of national polls

I'll take this for election-eve. The non-partisan Cook team thinks the Dems. can pick up 20-35 seats in the House, 4-6 in the Senate and from 6-8 governors. Cook also examines the latest spin that the polls are supposedly tightening, and that the GOP is supposedly experiencing a last-minute surge. Just ain't true, Cook says [...]

My Top Ten Wish List

Okay, let's have some fun and blow off some steam. We can only make predictions for so long. My predictions are in: 30-36 house seats and a 50-50 Senate with a recount mess in Missouri. We'll see if I am Nostradamus or Nostradumbest. Rather than focus on that tonight, let's focus on whose concession speeches we would most like to see. I have a top ten: 1) Rick Santorum- He's my Senator. He considers homosexuality to be morally equivalent to bestiality. He went to visit Terri Schiavo. He doesn't even [...]

One final round of polls -

Open Thread: SurveyUSA Edition

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