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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Pentagon Responds

Quite the PR spin from the Pentagon.  I still argue that the Military Times publications DO reflect a pretty good image of the rank and file opinions.  If they didn't, the military families would not read them.

Pentagon Rebuts Editorial In 'Military Newspapers' Calling For Rumsfeld Resignation

The MSM has had a field day trumpeting an impending editorial in "military newspapers" calling for Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's resignation.  But as NewsBusters John Stephenson and Michael Bates have documented here and here, here's what the liberal media didn't disclose: [...]

And, the hits just keep on coming'

The "Army" Times

There's been quite a bit of buzz over the Army Times editorial that calls for Donald Rumsfeld to be fired... some are suggesting that the editorial is a reflection of the sentiments of the military. But, that's not the case [...]




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