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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pelosi and Murtha Get A Rude Awakening

Hoyer wins in a walkaway, 149 to 86.  An incredible defeat for Pelosi, who campaigned for John Murtha.  Not a good way to bring everybody in the party together, right out of the gate.  More as it becomes available. Hard feelings on the way, indeed.

UPDATE:  This was written before the vote, but pretty well pulls things together.

Seriously, what the [bleep] are the Dems doing?

I’m borrowing the title of a post I wrote yesterday at The Reaction on the Murtha-Hoyer battle for Senate majority leader. Although I didn’t bleep anything out there. Parts of that post will be copied below. ********** The headline of a story at The Hill says it all: “Dem division and dismay”. [...]

UPDATE:  I'll give them all some credit.  Pelosi, Hoyer, Murtha all sounded like Best Friends Forever at the post-vote news conference.  Maybe, as some analysts said, it's all just "politics" and they really can put the contentious internal campaign behind them.  We'll see.  They truly do need to prove that's the case.  Quickly. I think what I heard just now should go a long way toward reaching that goal.  Chime in, please. 

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