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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Paying Attention

And planning to vote.  Some spectacular turnout predictions are being made.

New poll indicates big turnout on Tuesday

I did a double take when looking at the last Washington Post/ABC nationwide poll before Tuesday’s elections. Check these numbers out: I’d like you to rate the chances that you will vote in next week’s Congressional election: Are you absolutely certain to vote, will you probably vote, are the chances 50-50, or less than that? Certain to [...]

So, a huge turnout, unless the evangelicals balk -

Why the Haggard Scandal Could Hurt Evangelical Turnout

In TIME Magazine David Kuo author of Tempting Faith, explains why the Ted Haggard scandal and its fallout could hurt the Evangelical turnout on Tuesday. David Kuo, the former number two at the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives in the first Bush White House, is camped out on the NYT bestsellers list with his book, Tempting [...]

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