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Friday, November 03, 2006

Nuclear Non-Secrets

I guess they just don't think these things through very well in Washington.  Wasn't anybody checking what they were putting online?  A trained monkey, perhaps?

Are we safer yet?

A whopping NY Times story: Republicans' efforts to defend the invasion of Iraq by posting all kinds of Iraqi documents on the web have had the effect of putting nuclear-weapon-making information in the hands of anyone with a computer. Heckuva job, Repubs. The website has, in the last 24 hours, been shut down on account of the Times' inquiries.  Noted: It is NOT news that Saddam had such plans, which pre-date the 1991 war. The news is that the Repubs shared them with the world. We know that [...]

So, is this a good deal for Dems?  Or a good deal for Repubs?  How about some analysis, before you get into a big debate with friend or foe -

Worst … talking point … ever

Following up on my earlier post on the subject, I foolishly believed that the fact that the Bush administration, at the request of right-wing blogs, magazines, and lawmakers, accidentally published nuclear secrets on the Internet would have been humiliating to conservatives. They wanted classified materials online so they could prove non-existent WMD were in Iraq, [...]

And, via Booman Tribute, it's not the first time something like this has happened -

Reminder: Republicans Gave Pakistan Their Bomb Too

This is a re-post of a diary I originally wrote July 25, 2005, but in light of the recent revelations by the New York Times about Iraq's nuclear secrets being posted on the web I thought it timely. Yes, it's true, Pakistan's bomb is all thanks to two Republican Presidents who not only willfully ignored evidence of Pakistan's nuclear bomb making activities, but also aided Pakistan in its acquisition of equipment and materials needed to build nukes from US companies. Furthermore, they violated [...]

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