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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Now, It's Really Sunday

Been up and around for a couple of hours, clicking between CNN and MSNBC on TV, catching up with the Saddam verdict.  Yes, he was found guilty.  Yes, he was sentenced to death by hanging. Yes, there will be appeals.  No, it won't mean much for Tuesday's elections.  The big question is what it will mean in Iraq.  Will it mean MORE fighting between the Shiite and Sunni forces?  That seems to be the consensus this morning.  And that is not good.

Now, on to politics here at home. 

MSNBC's latest round of Senate polls

The last round of Senate polls from MSNBC conducted by Mason-Dixon basically confirms what John posted last night from Charlie Cook's final predictions for Political Wire. The Dems. make some major gains in the Senate, even take it. But, the Senate races have tightened in [...]

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