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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The New Relationship

It's all going to be different in January.  In fact, it's different today.  The President meets with reporters this noon.  It's a news conference that should set the tone for how his administration will interact with a new Congress for the next two years.

"Everything is different now for President Bush"

The analysis begins -- and it's bad for Bush:  "Everything is different now for President Bush. The era of one-party Republican rule in Washington ended with a crash in yesterday’s midterm elections, putting a proudly unyielding president on notice that the voters want change, especially on the war in Iraq. Mr. Bush now confronts the first Democratic majority in the House in [...]

And, from the Conservative side of the blogosphere -

A Great Time to be a Conservative Republican

First off: Mmmmmm; nummy, nummy crow! Best I ever tasted! That out of the way... Some of you might not be old enough to remember 1981, but I am...back in 1981, Ronald Reagan confronted a Democrat-controlled House and he managed, [...]

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