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Friday, November 03, 2006

Las Vegas Update

In the interest of fairness (yes, we do try to abide by some basic "fairness" rules around this place), here's an update on the Nevada gubernatorial candidate who was accused of assaulting a cocktail waitress.  Please not that the AP was allowed to view only select segments of the security tapes.  I'd find that a bit suspect, personally.  But the conservative bloggers are running with it -

Debunking The Accusations Against Gibbons

Looks like another smear campaign against a Republican goes up in flames. "A surveillance videotape released today (Thursday) by Congressman Jim Gibbons' lawyer does not appear to show the gubernatorial candidate or a woman who has accused him of assaulting her in a parking garage. A partial review of portions of the tape by The Associated Press did not [...]

Well, look here.  Somebody else has questions about this tape -

Reader Mailbag: About Those Nevada Tapes. . .

Reader GB has some good questions about that hours-long surveillance tape from the parking garage purported to be recorded on the night Gibbons allegedly assaulted a young woman, which shows neither the Republican gubernatorial hopeful nor his accuser, Chrissy Mazzeo [...]



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