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Friday, November 03, 2006

HBO's Electronic Voting Machines Documentary

I haven't seen it, since we don't subscribe to HBO.  However, the conversations I heard on the radio this morning, coupled with the short preview available online, have me agreeing with Liz - America could be in trouble come Tuesday.

Hacking Democracy

I'm doing my post election coverage early. I invited Billydoom to come over to watch the HBO documentary Hacking Democracy with me this evening because I didn't want to watch it alone. It was terrifying- more terrifying to watch it than to keep reading about it for six freaking years and nothing being said in the media and nothing being done about it. If you ever thought for one minute that we [...]

The LA Times isn't feeling very good about Tuesday, either (via Huffington Post) -

Everything That Could Go Wrong On Election Day: Rigged Voting Machines, Software Bugs...

[I]instead of bringing the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of the corner ATM, the wholesale makeover of the nation's voting system has brought a new set of concerns: the possibilities of software bugs, freeze-ups, vulnerability to hackers and new forms of human error that could bring their own chaos and [...]

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