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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Hadley Memo

What a way to set up a crucial meeting.  Blast the other guy in a scorching memo. 

Lots of cooks in the kitchen now

Bush will meet with al-Maliki in Jordon today to try to get him to step up security in his country. "But in a classified Nov. 8 memo following his Oct. 30 trip to Baghdad, Hadley expressed serious doubts about whether al-Maliki had the capacity to control the sectarian violence in Iraq, and recommended steps to strengthen the [...]

UPDATE:  AP says the big meeting is on hold.  Delayed until Thursday.  That's not a good sign.

UPDATE 2: Just try to make sense out of Bartlett's explanation...

Bartlett On Cancelled Maliki Meeting: ‘It Was Going To Be More Of A Social Meeting Anyway’

Today’s widely anticipated meeting between President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki was abruptly canceled. CNN suggests that it “was put off to Thursday after a U.S. memo cast doubt on al-Maliki’s ability to deal with the sectarian warfare in Iraq.” Bush counselor Dan Bartlett put that speculation to rest with this clear explanation: BARTLETT: The [...]

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