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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fox's Weekend

And the gang over at Olbermann Watch thinks Keith Olbermann is one-sided!  In this case, it's not just one host, but the entire cotton-pickin' network that's openly presenting a super-slanted documentary.

Fox's election weekend propaganda marathon -- "Way more dangerous than Nazis"

Fox News has re-arranged its programming schedule this weekend -- why this weekend? -- in order to broadcast at five different times a genuinely demented fear-mongering propaganda film entitled "Obsession: The Threat of Radical Islam." The whole point of the film -- the only point -- is to show menacing footage of Muslims, accompanied by very scary music, and then assert, over and over, that they are devoted to killing all of us and that the threat they pose is exactly the same as the threat of Nazi Germany, except it's much, much worse.  Fox itself describes the film this way: [...]

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