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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Federal Funding for Contraceptives...

And information on reproductive health information.  That's at the core of this post.  I haven't independently verified all of the claims, but I'd say (at the very least) it's another questionable appointment by George W. Bush.  By the way, the poster is REALLY angry.  There are some "strong" words in the post.  If that might offend you, pass this one by.

W: Still Not Standing for Women

Jessica:  "I hear from a little birdie that the Bush administration has hired Dr. Eric Keroack to oversee Title X funding—the only federal program devoted entirely to family planning and reproductive health. Keroack, who is currently the medical director of a Massachusetts pregnancy crisis center (you know, the folks that lie to women), will be the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs. Keroack is not only a well-known anti-choicer, he’s also a major proponent of abstinence-only education…and when I say proponent, I mean [...]

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