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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

And welcome to it.  MSNBC is already reporting on a laundry list of "problems" with voting machines in a growing number of states.  And then there is that little issue of allegations of "voter intimidation".  Allegations strong enough to prompt an FBI probe in Virginia.

GOP Desperate For Your Votes. Harrassment Ensues.

Harrassing Robo-calls are annoying voters in many districts. Apparently the GOP knows it's illegal but is willing to pay the fines because it's worth it to them to piss Democrats off enough for them to stay home on Tuesday. Co-blogger Billydoom was robo-called 10 times by Pete King's campaign here on Long Island. This practice of deliberate harrassment must be deemed more than a simply offense [...]

Olbermann and Alter Report: Republican Dirty Tricks ‘06

Keith Olbermann and Jonathan Alter reported last night on the latest Republican Dirty Tricks for Election ‘06 — Robo Calling. Alter noted that this usually stops by now, but no, right up until election eve, they are still at it — desperation has set in… and Jonathan Alter added: “What a lot of people don’t [...]

And, from the other side, problems as well -

BREAKING: Democrats are frauds as well

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