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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Did You Notice?

Somewhat lost in all the pre-election chatter here in the U.S. was what just happened in Iraq.  From many perspectives, we folded.  Gave in. And, perhaps, gave up one of our own.

Abandoning An American Soldier

While the media is obsessed parsing the ad libs of someone on no ballot this fall, something truly ominous has just happened in Iraq. The commander-in-chief has abandoned an American soldier to the tender mercies of a Shiite militia. Yes, [...]

More on the same topic (and a possible reason for the attention) -

Maliki and the Cordon

The White House is doing its best to distract everyone's attention from this by feigning outrage over a botched John Kerry joke about George Bush's college study habits, but I wonder if Tuesday's news from Iraq will [...]

One more, just in case it hasn't sunk in, yet.

Breaking Faith

Ever since World War II, soldiers and Marines have followed a simple creed: leave no man behind. In combat units, it's a matter of faith. No one is left on the battle field. During Vietnam, Marines would take casualities to rescue their wounded. It got so bad that commanders had to order units not to get killed rescuing the wounded.  You don't leave people behind. It's simple, it's taught reflexisively. American soldiers [...]

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