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Friday, November 03, 2006

Brian Ross Rocks

Heckofa television reporter, this Ross guy on ABC. Let's see, we have a big-time evangelist all wrapped up in a gay escort/illegal drugs scandal.  The Foley story is still around.  You have a couple of other GOP guys accused of assaulting wives and/or female acquaintances.  Now, let's toss this on the fire, and see what happens.

ABC News: RNC Accepts Money From Army Porn Movie Distributor

As an aside, you'll recall that when female porn star Mary Carey gave the GOP $5000 two years in a row, they not only publicly accepted the money, they sat her down to dinner with George Bush and lunch with Karl Rove. I have no problem with gay porn, but they do - or so they claim...."Despite running an attack ad accusing a Democratic senatorial candidate of accepting money from "porn movie producers," the Republican National Committee itself has accepted several donations over the past few years from the president of a large pornographic movie distribution company.  Marina Pacific Distributors calls itself [...]

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