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Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

In the office for a while today, then it's back to the couch for the big football game. If you're in the states, it's the CBS national game, 1:30 Central Time. Arkansas vs LSU. Check it out. In the meantime, I'm avoiding the stores and will likely not do much in the way of blogging today. Except to note a couple of things that the gang over at AmericaBlog have posted today - concerning Iraq, where things appear to be deteriorating by the minute.

Baghdad Shiites burn six Sunni worshippers alive

Saddam's WMD: Slingshots and Molotov cocktails

And from Think Progress, this -

Marine Corps ‘can’t maintain [a] surge’ in troop levels.

At a press breakfast yesterday, Marine commandant Gen. James Conway
said that any decision to increase the number of Marines in Iraq -
currently around 23,000 - would have “long-term
repercussions.” “The payback is you can’t maintain
that surge,” Conway said. “‘And it’s probably
going to have an adverse impact’ on the ability to provide [...]

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