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Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Election Prediction

There's some back-peddling going on out there today.  Some of the poll gaps are narrowing for House and Senate races. And some concerns are being raised.  Concerns worth considering.

My Election Prediction (and I hope I'm wrong)

Well, with that title you probably know where I'm coming from ... I'm not a big fan of political prognostications. I don't follow all the ins and outs of political campaigns that closely for one thing, and the constant poll watching and hype and ecstasy one day, gloom and doom the next, which make up the genre just doesn't appeal to me. I'm just not that much of a political junkie, I suppose. That said, I do have an opinion as to what is likely to happen this Tuesday when [...]

'This is making me nervous'

DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel is keenly aware of some very recent national polls showing the Dems' generic-ballot lead shrinking. He told the NYT, "It's inevitable that there would be some tightening in the end." Emanuel added, however, "This is making me nervous." Indeed, the Pew Research Center for People and the Press released a poll yesterday [...]

Fox News to the rescue.  Or, is it a smokescreen?

Final Fox

Latest Fox poll has Dems up by 13...So, that's 4 polls with Dems up by more than 10 points (13+ actually) and [...]

Another Republican who is NOT celebrating -

A Republican's Take

Republican pollster Steve Lombardo e-mails the Hotline his final overview. The Republican "surge," he writes, may have come too late. "Tomorrow’s election will take place in what may be the greatest time of voter discontent in [...]

Gallup and Cook seem to agree with Lombardo.

Gallup Says 35-Seat Democratic House Pickup Is "Likely"

"There are no signs that the wave is ebbing. The reality is, the list of vulnerable Republican seats continues to grow."  --Amy Walter, senior editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report today. As we wind down to this election, I want to hit several things. First [...]

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