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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This Could Have Some Impact

A little chatter among Facebook-ers, some signatures on voter registration cards and constant urging to actually show up at the polls and we could see the impact of the 18-25 voting block.

Click the Vote

Facebook, the online social-networking site that's hotter than dormcest on many college campuses, wants undergrads at the polls on November 7. Today it kicked off a campaign in conjunction with Rock the Vote to let voters [...]

Oh, don't forget the folks at the OTHER end of things.  Looks like they've flipped from Repub to Dem -

Will Seniors be the Key to Control of the House?

Democracy Corps: "Seniors are the most volatile and persuadable group in this off-year electorate and certain to turn out in large numbers and thus the number one target for campaigns in the final month. Although seniors favored Bush by a 5-point margin in the last presidential election, Democracy Corps’ recent senior poll indicates that Democrats are winning the seniors’ vote by [...]

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