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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Stuff of Nightmares

Don't mean to give you something really nasty to take to bed, but Thom Hartmann minces no words in this assault on our financial dealings with other countries.  Specifically, in how much we allow into American companies.  (Hint - you can't really call them American anymore with numbers like these.)


New Federal Drug Deal

It TRULY ain't working.  At least not for most.  And that is just wrong.  The entire Medicare Prescription Plan is snowballing into a good deal for the drug companies and a bad deal for most elderly folks. I just don't see how it can be spun any other way.


Jeb Bush and the Cruise Ship Deal

Representative Henry Waxman of California is nailing Presidential Brother, Jeb Bush, over the Carnival Cruise Lines deal to house Katrina evacuees.  Waxman runs the numbers and comes up with some incredible analysis. Out tax dollars at work.  This is just the latest incredible story to hit the net tonight. 


Civil War Update

Iraq.  A bad day.  A VERY bad day.  So bad that AP says:


Tricky, Tricky, Tricky

I find it really hard to believe that ANY political party would try this stunt.  I'd be all over this report, no matter WHICH party pulled it!


Scooter Hires an Expert

As the blogger says, you really can't make this stuff up.  I'm betting it's fodder for Olbermann and all the late night comics.  Scooter's hired himself a "Memory Loss Expert" for his trial!


Budget Cut Bufoonery

Take a moment and read through the post linked below.  Then, please, somebody, try to tell me why the budget cuts proposed make ANY sense.  Any at all. 


When They Were Screaming

I was out of the office and the house at newstime tonight, so I'm trusting ABC to have provided an accurate transcript.  As John says in the blog below, this IS a remarkable exchange:

Bush is going on ABC World News tonight to do an interview.  This is a pretty horrifying exchange:
VARGAS: When you look back on those days immediately following when Katrina struck, what moment do you think was the moment that you realized that the government was failing, especially the people of New Orleans?
BUSH: When I saw TV reporters interviewing people who were screaming [...]


Buried in the Poll Numbers

This blogger's doing a very good job of digging deep into that new of our military personnel in .  We posted the basic fact earlier - that the vast majority of them think we should get out of there by the end of the year.  But, there's more. Much more.


Iran's Nukes

Does this start to sound a whole lot like the WMD argument for going into Iraq?


Bad Day in Baghdad

It's tough to say things are really getting better when you hit a day like today. 

Even as the bodies stack up in the morgue, more are on the way:

A series of suicide attacks, car bombs and mortar barrages rocked Baghdad on Tuesday, killing at least 66 people and wounding scores as Iraq teetered on the brink of sectarian civil war.

More reports of violence across the country as well. But US Ambassador says the crisis is over, and the country is retreating from . Meanwhile, there is some dispute [...]


Taking on the Government

I'll give them credit for having the guts to try this.  Don't think I'd say anything risky during a phone call anytime soon, though!


Iraq Reporting

ABC's has just rotated back into the network's bureau.  And that's good for those of us who read blogs.  Jake's a solid blogger and is continuing to update from Baghdad.


Dubai Ports World Facts and Figures

The diggers are hard at work.  And they're hitting the mother lode when it comes to deep background on the story.   If there is a positive spin from the Administration, there is one going the opposite direction on the web and in some media. Here, now, a collection:


Afternoon Funnies

Here's your Keith Olbermann chuckle for the afternoon.  Just in case you missed it last night. Video clip, if you follow the link.

Keith Olbermann continued his coverage of the O'Reilly petition campaign which included a new applicant, Howard Kurtz.  Olbermann: But perhaps the oddest development comes not from Fox nor MSNBC, but from CNN.  Howard Kurtz‘ media program, "Reliable Sources." He spent part of a segment [...]


Fresh Photos. Old Memories

They found a box full of unpublished photos of the in the South.  Photos seen by only a few, until now.  They are an incredible look into life in our part of the country 40 years ago.


Trying to Silence Lou Dobbs

Next to , (CNN) has been the most prominent attack dog journalist on some of the big issues.  The UAE takeover of U.S. ports has really gotten his dander up lately.  To the point that tried to pressure to get him to back down!


The Port Deal

Another voice in the wilderness saying it's a bad deal.  No matter HOW you look at it.  And, the man with the words was part of the Bush administration.


Exit Strategy

From the troops, themselves.  Looks like a lot of them are just flat out getting tired of being over there. Facts and figures from a new poll of our troops in Iraq:


Torture Settlement

TalkLeft blog found an interesting report and they have a darn good question about it.

President Bush says the U.S. does not engage in torture. Not in Iraq, and not at home. Then why did the U.S. agree to pay $300,000 to two detainees to settle their torture lawsuit? [...]


Monday, February 27, 2006

Talk Radio

Interesting.  Look at the shift in radio talk show numbers for liberal vs. conservative talkers in the big markets.

LA Wingnut radio is in trouble. It's important to note that the Limbaugh station can be heard across half the dial in every valley and canyon in Southern California, while the Air America station can barely [...]


Just Wrong

No other explanation for this.  It's just wrong.

Washington Wire: "Anyone can buy a copy of the 1958 Department of Defense Emergency Plans Book, an early Cold War description of response planning for a nuclear attack on the U.S. It is sold via Amazon.com and elsewhere under the title The Doomsday Scenario (Motorbooks International, 2002). But don't look for it at the National Archives, where Doomsday author L. Douglas Keeney originally obtained it in 1997. It's no longer there. The book is among the thousands of government documents that have been reclassified and withdrawn [...]


New Numbers

Well, if they can ignore these numbers, I'm amazed.  No, I'm not. Nothing amazes me at this point.

From CBS News:  Poll: Bush Ratings At All-Time Low.  The latest CBS News poll finds President Bush's approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 34 percent, while pessimism about the Iraq war has risen to a new high.  Americans are also overwhelmingly opposed to the Bush-backed deal giving a Dubai-owned company operational control over six major U.S. ports. Seven in 10 Americans, including 58 percent of Republicans, say they're [...]

Oh, there's one more.


Cheney to Retire?

There have been scattered reports of a pending Cheney resignation floating around the blogs for some time now.  However, this latest one comes from a prominent conservative magazine and may signal that there is something to the report.


Winning the War?

America doesn't seem to think things are moving in that direction.  At least not as much as they did last month.


Press Briefings

I'd forgotten that live coverage of the daily was a relatively recent development, sparked by the growth of cable news coverage a decade ago.


Bloggers and Huckabee

Seems our Governor sat down with some bloggers and talked about a wide variety of topics, including the blogs.  It hasn't gotten a lot of attention, until now.  Michelle Malkin picked up on it and that means it's getting some high-profile traffic.  She links to an interesting article (with video clips) on townhall.org where the author notes: 
Like a former Arkansas Governor of a different political persuasion, this one plays an instrument well (bass player in a classic rock – “is there any other kind?” asks Huckabee – band), and has the gift of gab.  Huckabee told the group about the National Governor’s Association (which he chairs) conference held last weekend in Washington DC and he fielded questions of all types from [...]


Mardi Gras and the Governors

Wide-ranging topics make our on-air blog segment today.  We're airing a report on parades at , and following that with a blog post from the reporter.


The Coast Guard Had Questions

Another case of two steps forward, three steps back.  Can the Bush Administration get even one day when they don't collectively shoot themselves in the foot?  You kind of get some level of support for a closer look at the port operations deal and then we find out this -


Impeachment Talk

The murmurs become a bit louder.  I'm not convinced that another trial would be good for America or would accomplish much, but it would make for fascinating fodder for bloggers and the cable talkers.


Spying on Americans

True, he has a book to hawk.  Money to make.  But James Risen talks the talk and walks the walk of someone who has his head on straight and has done the research.  Brad Blog has rounded up some great video clips from Risen's appearance on CNBC's Tim Russert show this weekend.  Risen is joined by a Washington Post reporter.  Together they paint what Brad says is "a picture of an enourmous partnership between U.S. intelligence agencies and private data collection firms."  Russert calls it a "sobering" discussion.  It's worth your time.  Grab a cup of coffee.  Follow the link.  And watch.


History Lesson From Eisenhower

Perhaps we should pay attention to what General (and President) said.


Katrina Victims in Court

Not everybody's partying with Mardi Gras in New Orleans, it seems.  Check the courts.


Twisting the Truth

Never let the facts stand in the way of a good argument!  I guess it all falls into that "repeat it often enough and somebody will believe it" category of lies. Watch now as a prominent liberal blogger rips into one of the conservative biggies.


Vote Fraud - Michigan Style

In the interest of fairness, you DO hear a lot about how election fraud hurt the democrats in key states last time around.  Here's one from the other side.


It's the Economy, Stupid!

Okay, let's run the numbers.  And see how we're REALLY doing.  It is, after all, a world that we're dealing with, right?


Bush and the GOP

The campers are NOT happy.  And the elections are looking closer and closer all the time.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Blogging the Olbermann/O'Reilly Feud

Seems a lot of folks are paying attention!  Wonder what Monday at 7 pm will bring?  Be there. MSNBC.


All In Fun?


Iran Nukes

Hmmm.  If they're serious, this is a postitive move.


A Clinton Presidency

A couple of schools of thought on a Hillary Clinton presidential bid.


So Much for a Gentlemen's Agreement on the Ports

The morning talkers made it sound like everything was just peachy between the Administration, Congress and the Dubail Ports World folks.  A 45 day window to let Congress investigate. But..... BUT...


CNN Broadband

I'm bumping this post from Sunday afternoon up to Monday.  This really is quite a service.  I've noticed today that CNN has essentially created a fully-anchored service on one of the four "pipes".  It's not the same as CNN or CNN International, but seems to be produced exclusively for the net. That's a heck of a commitment, I'd say.  One other fact - the Pipeline service will apparently be FREE all day Tuesday, with feeds from Mardi Gras.

Consider this a blatant plug.  For CNN.  And it's new "Pipeline" service for internet users.  I signed up for a trial this weekend and have been thrilled. If you're a true new junkie, this thing is great!  You get to pick from four live feeds.  Today they've had CNN International streaming all day, plus a couple of continuous live feeds from New Orleans and Mardi Gras.  It's kind of neat to hear some of the off-camera conversations of the reporters, talking with producers back in Atlanta.  So far, I'm impressed.  It'll cost  ya $25 a year, but you have a two week window before they bill your credit card.


Told to Let Gitmo Go, Guess Where We Went?

Afghanistan.  That's where.


Civil War - George Will

George Will's out on a punditry-limb today -

Conservative columnist George Will this morning on ABC’s This Week:  STEPHANOPOULOS: What does civil war look like?  WILL: This. This is a civil war. Later, Will even questioned whether Iraq can truly be said [...]


Black Gold

Could Montana save America from our oil gluttony?


Pundits Battle

Don't ya love it when the pundits make it so easy?


Kristol on Iraq War

Stunning change of position, wouldn't you say?

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, one the staunches defenders of the administration's policy in Iraq, said the war in Iraq was not a [...]

Full transcript and some commentary if you follow the link.


Unitary Executive

Pushing the Democrats for change.  More than a gentle push.  Closer to a full-scale shove!


Five Star Journalism

Television news fails to live up to its potential far too often.  Sometimes, it does its job.  Watch this story on police intimidation  from a Florida CBS affiliate.  If this doesn't lead to a change in police policy, I'll be amazed. This is just great reporting.  Great journalism.  Great television.

Hat Tip to Say Anything Blog.


The List Grows Longer

Now we're up to THREE top officials who didn't know about the UAE port deal until it was a done deal. I guess communication is really difficult in DC.


Welcome to Sunday - Political Correctness

I have to confess, this one baffles me. Absolutely baffles me.  And, we attend a Methodist Church.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Al Qaeda and the UAE

Now, this is interesting. The New York Post is in front of it.

Al Qaeda Claimed To Have Infiltrated UAE Government Three Years Ago  

This New York Post report could prove one more headache for the Bush administration as it digs in its heels on its approval of a highly criticized plan to let a company manage key U.S. ports:  " warned the government of the United Arab Emirates more than three years ago that it "infiltrated" key government agencies, according to a disturbing document [...]


Sports Story of the Year

This showed up on the cable shows earlier this week.  I've been slow in finding links to it. It's amazing. It will make you feel good.


I'm a little late in posting this story, since ESPN, CNN, most local news stations and even Paul Harvey have covered it. But if you haven't heard of Jason McElwain, autistic team manager for the Greece Athena High School hoops team, you need to take a few moments right now. Unbelievable story.  Jason, a senior suiting up for the first time, was inserted after his team had built a comfortable lead. The crowd went wild. After McElwain badly missed two shots, his coach wondered whether he was really doing this kid a favor. But he didn't worry [...]


Coal Mining

Just caught up with a great piece in "The Nation" magazine.  It's about coal mining. And the author has some first-hand knowledge of the industry.

I'll start close to home with my senator, Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell. No other senator has so adamantly defended the right of corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money to election campaigns, all in the name of free speech. And because coal companies give 91 percent of that money to Republicans, George W. Bush rewarded McConnell's efforts by naming his wife, Elaine Chao, as Labor Secretary in 2001. Within days of Bush's inauguration, Chao replaced Assistant Secretary of Labor Davitt McAteer, who oversaw the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), with Dave Lauriski, a man who had spent his professional life managing and lobbying for coal companies.

It gets worse. You're supposed to be a subscriber to read it, but here's the bottom line - 

Which leads me back to responsibility. In an astonishing display of indifference, Richard Strickler, Bush's new appointee to head MSHA, told senators he saw no need for tougher safety laws. But West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin isn't waiting for the Feds to act. He has already begun overhauling safety regulations at the state level, calling for miners to carry greater oxygen supplies underground and for every mine to install tracking devices that would quickly locate miners in the event of a roof collapse or an explosion. Every governor in coal country should follow Manchin's lead.  If the Bush Administration won't assume any responsibility, individuals can. If everyone reading this replaced the five most frequently used lights in their homes with compact fluorescent bulbs, which use a quarter of the energy of regular bulbs, our country's consumption of coal would plunge overnight. And if on top of that, you bought an Energy Star-rated refrigerator, your consumption of coal-fired energy would drop almost by half, and so would your electric bill. And if we as communities demanded that our electric companies followed the 10/20/30 plan--provide us with 10 percent renewable energy by 2010, 20 percent by 2020, on out--we could finally stabilize the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, stop our global climate crisis and weaken some Gulf Coast hurricanes in the process.

"The Nation" is a great read every week.  I've given you some of what you're supposed to pay for.  Visit the website.  It's $18 for a year.  Well worth it.


Michael Brown. The Katrina Story

Michael Brown unloaded on the administration during the Katrina hearings in Congress.  Now, he's pointing even more fingers.  This is simply incredible.  I'm beginning to think the guy isn't an idiot!  Rather, he was just a mid-level guy stuck in a top-level job.  No fault of his.


Surprise! Guess What Just Turned Up?

Those missing White House emails!  Well, whadaya know!


Who's Responsible for Security?

This has been one of the big arguments throughout the debate over the UAE port operations debate.  If the Associated Press (quoting Homeland Security) has it right, this flips just about every other statement I've heard in the past couple of days.


Iraq Progress

Two steps forward.  Three steps back.

Progress in Iraq -- Bush style  

This one fact says so much:  The number of Iraqi army battalions judged by their American trainers to be capable of fighting insurgents without U.S. help has fallen [...]


The Petition

Took a while to find it, but it's worth it. The Olbermann/O'Reilly "feud" is astonishingly fun to watch!  As promised, here's the clip, etc from last night's "" on .  Funny, funny stuff!  You'll need to click on the link to get to the clips - both Windows Media and Quicktime are available.

Late Night: Olbermann signs O'Reilly's Petition  

Countdown plays a bunch of O'Reilly's greatest hits and his "worst person of the world" awards. MSNBC spoofs it for almost nine minutes as other employees line up to sign the petition-while Keith does his best Ted Baxter impersonation.

And, then, there's the counter-petition!


Friday, February 24, 2006

Won't Back Down

Quite the analysis of the entire port fiasco here.  Including the updates from the White House.  The statements that came out AFTER it was too late for the nightly newscasts to use them. 


The Hoodlum Vote

I can handle most all of the folks on MSNBC.  Even really like some of them! But, Rita Cosby drives me up the wall.  It's partly because of her raspy voice.  Partly because she always seems just one notch away from saying something really odd.  She crossed that line today.

 Digby turned me on to this one. Did Crosby just get back from a hunting trip before this segment? Even Matthews was stunned. Look at Scarborough's face too [...]


Regular Routine in Iraq

Here's a blog to keep an eye on.  Written by an Iraqi dentist in  Baghdad.

Fierce streetfighting at my doorstep for the last 3 hours.  Rumor in the neighbourhood is that men in black are trying to enter the area.  Some armed kids defending the local mosque three blocks away are splattering bullets at everything that moves, and someone in the street was shouting for people to prepare for defending [...]


The Iran Plan

Well, if we were thinking about a pre-emptive strike against  Iran, it looks like they've already done some planning.  Rock and a hard place, I'd say.


Congressional Port Plan

Here's what to expect next week in the Port Battle.  Congress appears to be getting its collective act together on this one. 


The South Dakota Abortion Fight

I've avoided posts on the topic of the legislative vote banning most abortions in .  I love people who comment, but I've been concerned that this is such a divisive issue, particularly in this part of the country, that I didn't want to have to moderate a fight in the comments.  Let's open things up.  But, please, read this post from NBC's legal reporter, Pete Williams.  This may not be such a ground-breaking national issue, after all.


Week in Review

So, how was your week?  Some of the bloggers have been taking the pulse of the President's week.  They're not finding much to cheer about. 


The Dark Side

This one won't raise you spirits.  But, it's worth your time to read.  No only Mr. Green's original article, but the blogger's comments, too.


Blogging the Port Deal

Tons of traffic today about the Port Deal.  Most specifically, bloggers are discussing the delay in closing the deal and analyzing what that means.   That's the focus of the blogs we're mentioning on the air today.

White House accepts delay   

Yesterday's agreed-upon delay will help the drama play out even longer. The White House is counting on the idea that a postponement will give the Bush gang time to persuade lawmakers and soothe the concerns of conservative activists. Congressional Republicans believe the delay will give them time to kill the deal. Congressional Dems believe the lull will give them more time to hammer the president and take advantage of the political opportunity.  Pass the popcorn [...]

All Bush's Fault?  

Critics have raised some serious concerns over the DPW deal, and it is clear that Bush made a mistake by brushing off these concerns.  To be sure, there is a strong opposition that will not be won over so easily on the merits of the agreement [...]


Port Math - 6 Plus 15 Equals 21

Almost FOUR TIMES the original number!  If there was any movement toward acceptance of the Dubai deal, this ought to put on the brakes.


Spin These Numbers

Nightmare time for the Bush Administration.  Even the conservative bloggers say this is trouble.


So, Who Did Know About the Port Deal?

It's a very interesting question, isn't it?  And the non-answers raise more questions. 

Everyone Is In Denial  

Now lets get this all straight. In a post 9-11 America where we have to worry about terrorists trying to come in our borders and cause their destruction there is a deal that has given control of 6 major ports to the , a country known to harbor and had connections with those who attacked us on 9/11. This deal was not known about by our secretary of defense, the joint chiefs of staff, our President and the head of our homeland security. I am not a conspiracy theory nut but I can see how this would make those "9/11 was an inside job" people go crazy. This is just proving [...]


Nice Gift

Certainly does help explain things, doesn't it?!


Saving Democracy

Here's a true "keeper" for you.  on "saving Democracy".  The blogger pulls some key quotes from a much longer Moyers' speech.  Follow the links and you can download the entire speech.  It IS that good.


Teacher Bonuses

Nice bonus for teachers up in the rapidly-growing Northwest Corridor of Arkansas.  Have any of you from other states heard of anything similar? 

Now here's a bonus  

Fayetteville teachers are going to get a one-time bonus equal to 4.5 percent of their annual pay next month thanks to growing receipts and some cost savings [...]


Cons vs Libs

There are some really great battles underway in the blogosphere today.  Oliver Willis has the back and forth on one of them:


Leaking Like a Sieve

Lots of discussion today about the White House leaks.  And the fingers just keep pointing higher and higher.


Health Savings Accounts=Tax Shelter

Bloomberg News has one of the toughest attacks to date on President Bush's proposed Health Care Savings Accounts.  Why is it that there always seems to be some "backroom" benefit for somebody?  Somebody who doesn't need it.


Voting Confidence

Take a look at these numbers.  Electronic errors in Florida.  It is absolutely unbelievable that we're going to use these things in the next election, isn't it?


Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Family Affair

Okay, everybody.  Join hands.  Form a circle.  Sing along with Sly and the Family Stone.  As they sing "It's a Family Affair".  Hillary is borrowing a few "family members" from her husband, it seems.  Hey, at least it's a couple of guys who know how to give a good soundbite to us in the media!


Voting Machine Problems. Again.

This is either a really big story.  Or much ado about nothing.  If it's true, somebody is gonna have to do a recount.  Really.


How'd He Get THIS Job?!?!

Chalk up another one.  Obviously, resumes don't matter.  Probably aren't even asked for.  Certainly not looked at.


Port Security

Dems have pushed this issue for a long time.  Suddenly, they have it handed to them as ammunition against the administration. BY the administration.


The Cheney Coverup

We posted a link to the report that sparked this big debate earlier.  Here, with a summary of what caught everyone's attention, is an updated post INCLUDING a response from the original author to allegations that he made it all up.  It's all about the Cheney and whether he was intoxicated.


The President on Display

I've been saving this post much of today, trying to put together what I want to say about it.  As most of you know, I pull blogs from both sides of the political spectrum.  Heck, I even like what Michelle Malkin writes.  Once in a while. But, sometimes, there is something out there that just invites criticism.  This, my friends, is one such post. Follow the link.  Read it all.  Read the comments.

So far.  So good.  Level with America.  Then, she gets sappy. 

I watched the President give a “speech” last week and I was in awe of his talent to connect. I put the word “speech” in quotes because it wasn’t really a speech. He was taking questions and talking off the top of his head and he was not only entertaining, amusing and at ease, but he came across as sincere and in command of the issues. He made some very good points and good arguments on several subjects clearly and concisely. When he speaks to a camera he doesn’t even look like the same person. The energy and give-and-take he gets from a live audience transforms him into a master communicator.

This is one that I could really tear into.  I do try to maintain some journalistic prudence, so I'll just point out a couple of things.  First, the President generally does well in the Q and A sessions because the audiences are mostly supporters.  When he has, infrequently, gotten a tough question, he has NOT handled things well.  Secondly, to say that he comes across as "sincere" is, I'm afraid, seeing  him through supportive eyes.  To many, he comes across as condescending and aloof.  It is, quite obviously, a matter of perception.  However, I've asked several co-workers about that post today (both conservative and liberal) and it's been quite consistently been a head-shaker.  Read the comments after her post.  Quite in line with what I heard. And "master communicator"?  I don't believe I've heard ANY supporter use that phrase.  Unless they were referring to Bill Clinton.  Say what you want about his politics, the man CAN communicate.


Dems Gain in New Polls

Don't know if you can credit/blame the Port Deal.  Or Katrina Response.  Or Iraq.  But new polls are looking better for the party opposing the party in power.


The Port Proposal

Another numbers game, I'm afraid.  25 days.  30 days.  THREE MONTHS.  How much time did we spend studying the UAE port operation deal?  Depends on who's talking.  And when.


Iraq Uproar

A couple of good posts on Iraq from one blogger.  Buried in one of them is the fact that the U.S. government says there's really no sign of civil war in Iraq.  We don't WANT it to happen, so we'll just keep saying that it's not.  And maybe (please, please, please) maybe it won't.

Distress signal

President Bush is quoted as saying “Violence will only contribute to what the terrorists sought to achieve.” A welcome sentiment; the temptation is to ask, “What made you change your mind about such things?” He did not think that way [...]

Wha .?  

, sounding like a a patronizing idiot, sure, but a progressive patronizing idiot this time:  "Now, it’s a small little thing, but I picked up on it, because here is the essential problem in Iraq. There are so many nuts in the country — so many crazies — that we can’t control them. And I don’t — we’re never gonna be able to control them. So the only solution to this is to hand over everything to the Iraqis as fast as humanly possible. Because we [..] 

Oh, that comment about how Iraq is NOT on the verge of Civil War - here's how one of the conservative bloggers jumped on that bandwagon:


DeLay's Dilemma

Seems just can't quite figure out whether people are friends.  Or not.  Two notes.  Two quotes. Not the same.

DeLay Writes Letters: It’s “Absolutely Untrue” That Abramoff Was “A Close Friend”   

Where would anyone get the crazy idea that DeLay was close friends with Abramoff?  DeLay, Northern Mariana Islands, 1997:  When one of my closest and dearest friends, , your [...] 


Thawing the Winter Olympics

I was almost joking about this with my wife the other night, talking about how it doesn't really seem much like winter over in Italy.  The conversation started when I realized I was watching some skiing and it was actually snowing!  Imagine that!  Winter weather for the Winter Games!


Your Dollars and Sense

Here's a case where saying it over and over failed to "make it so".  And it goes right to your pocketbook.


Wake Up Call on Port Security

The alarm clock's buzzing.  Time to wake up and pay attention. 


Libby Wants Charges Dismissed

Seems like a bit of a stretch to me.  But, it is Washington, ya know.


Worried About Terrorism?

Seems a lot of us are.  And not feeling particularly confident about the ability of our leaders to prevent it or react to it.


Iraq Divided

Reports from the ground in Iraq.  From regular folks, trying to live out their lives.  They're scared. 


Katrina's Blame Report

Sharp-tongued Shakespeare's Sister tunnels right to the true bottom line on the big federal report on what went wrong during and after Katrina. Click through to the blogger's full post to get the main quote from the report!


Civil War


Katrina Toxicity

Nice news for .  All those "no problem with the water or air or dirt" comments haven't been making sense.  Now, we know why.


Katrina Questions


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Dubai Guy

Great post to wrap up the evening. I knew something bothered me about this interview. I just couldn't put my finger on it. Until now.