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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Deep Background

Another good post.  At least people are thinking.  Agree?  Or Not?  Comment away.


Jump On It

Just a few more from tonight.  Iraq is still the target of many bloggers.



Plain. And Simple.


Single Post

See, I like to drop these little "bombshells" as individuals posts between the others.


The Associated Press Report Bugs PowerLine

PowerLine is one of the biggest Conservative blogs.  As I see it, the problem is simply that they do not allow comments!  Almost every blog, including this one, does.  I've probably deleted a handful of obscene comments in the entire time we've been doing this.  I welcome the comments.  I wish PowerLine had them. I'm betting that this post would get some.  Feel free to comment here.  I'll forward what you say.


Who's On First?

Oh, what a difference (or not) a few years makes.  From “Mission Accomplished” to “Tough Days Ahead”  Short. Simple. To the point.


Rumsfeld, et al

Almost wanted to lump this in with the "Who's on First" post.  But, it's more serious than that, according to this blogger. It WAS great live television, though. Wonder how long Pace keeps his job?


Murtha on Hardball

Good interview.  Good post. I'm liking this guy.  A lot.


The Bickering Continues

Oh, those bloggers.  They just can't be content to settle down and agree on anything. Random samplings directly ahead.


Speech Follow-Up

The commentaries kept coming this afternoon, lots of bloggers (and their readers) kicking in their proverbial "two-cents worth".  Some examples follow - and make sure you do check the comments.  They are as interesting as the original posts.  Sometimes MORE interesting.


The Big Speech

Let the analysis begin!  Preliminary thoughts from both sides of the political aisle in the blogs we mentioned on today's WB42 5:30 Report:



Some things just defy description.

Perhaps just as amazing, Don Imus vs Joe Lieberman:

Don Imus had a long talk with Joe and pounded him with questions about his latest article in the WSJ. Joe parrots every right wing talking point about Iraq and thinks everything is great even when all the reporters that are embedded say otherwise [...]


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wal-Mart's Troubles and Solutions

Two sides to every story.  Indeed.


Word Change and Some Advice

I saw Rumsfeld on part of this today.  Yes, he did replace the word.


Holiday Ho, Ho, Ho

Well done.  And, OH, so true. Next time you get your checkbook out, remember this:

Several folks have taken the "Levels of Hell" test, including Lab Kat who is consigned to the seventh level. We won't inquire as to "why", but just note that there is an even deeper level reserved for those who haven't figured out proper etiquette for writing checks at the check- out counter. At this time of the year, many of us are doing extra shopping for [...]

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Scandal Scorecard. And More

Here are the pieces. Pick and choose which ones you want.  See what kind of picture you can put together.


Cunningham (Not the Dad from Happy Days)

Interesting post and counter-post on the Duke Cunningham story:


Arkansas Stuff

Some interesting blog posts that point back to - right here.  Arkansas, USA.  First, follow the link to the survey and see how our Governor/Possible Presidential candidate, is doing.  Not bad.


Big Speech Comin' Tomorrow

By the way, White House Spokesman, Scott McClellan, is back.  After 19 or 20 days, he held a short press briefing today.  And talked up tomorrow's Big Speech on Iraq:


Lieberman and the War

I'm beginning to think there are two Iraqs.  The one where there are accusations that  U.S.-Trained forces are killing Sunnis and using White Phosphorous against civilians.  Then, there is the "other" Iraq.  The Iraq that Donald Rumsfeld and Senator Lieberman have access to:

UPDATE:  Somebody agrees with me!


Tuesday Evening, And the Reading is Fine

I'll be digging for video of the Rumsfeld news conference from this afternoon.  Some of the reporters tried.  They really did.  Tried to ask the right questions.  There didn't seem to be many answers.  Only talking points.

Tony Lagouranis, an Army interrogator who gathered intelligence at various detention camps throughout Iraq, describes the widespread culture of abuse
The worst stuff I saw was from the detaining units who would torture people in their homes. They were using things like burns. They would smash people's feet with the back of an axe-head. They would break bones, ribs, you know. That was serious stuff. [...]

This next post will be the focus of a full report on tomorrow's edition of  "The WB42 5:30 Report" -


Show Blogs

Very tough criticism from Powell's former Chief of Staff. This is one scary administration. It's as bad -- if not worse -- then we all thought:A top aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Monday that wrongheaded ideas for the handling of foreign detainees arose from White House and Pentagon officials who argued that "the president of the United States is all-powerful" and the [...]

Looks that way according to the NY Times. Ironic that this is all coming out on the day that Saddam's trial started -- or was supposed to start:  And, by the way, this is your tax dollars at work:
American officials, who are overseeing the training of the Iraqi Army and the police, acknowledge that police officers and Iraqi soldiers, and the militias with which they are associated, may indeed be carrying out killings and abductions in Sunni communities, without direct American knowledge. [...]
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College Costs

With one just finished with college and another with more than a year to go, this is an issue close to my heart. College costs. Read it.  Make sure you follow the link to the main article.  Make sure you read the comments. There is something truly sad with the direction college costs, scholarships and loans are going.

Susie at Suburban Guerilla:

Growing student debt, fast-shrinking student aid and few well-paying jobs upon graduation – why are we urging kids to go to college?

Say hello to the new debtor class:

The average student now graduates with three and a half times more debt than ten years ago, but still Washington wants to cut even more student aid.

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Sy Hersch on Today Show

The stories just keep getting stranger and stranger, as more and more "insiders" seem to be talking.  Leading the journalists who are doing the reporting on the situation inside the Bush White House is Sy Hersch.  It was his piece in the New Yorker Magazine this weekend that started all the fuss.  He talked about it on CNN Sunday morning, it's been all over the evening cable shows, and Hersch was on The NBC Today show today:

A picture named nbc_today_sey_hersh_iraq_withdrawal_051129a.jpg

Sy joined Matt Lauer to discuss his latest article in the New Yorker.

                                        Video-WMP  Video-QT

Hersh: This president is not going to back down on this war...

He talked in depth about John Murtha's speech and he feels that message is coming from our military generals. He also believes that people are too afraid to tell Bush the truth about the war.

Hersh: Bombing will go up as we go out [...]

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Still Catching Up From Last Night

Wanted to include this one last night, but I missed it while going through Bloglines. Great piece on New Orleans.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Local, But the National Guys Should Notice

Just found the time to actually thumb through last week's Arkansas Times newspaper.  Found a wonderful piece by Robert McCord.  Lest you think Arkansas is an island in the world of politics, note the number of people who showed up for this month's Political Animals Club meeting.  Note who the guest was. 

Little Rock’s Political Animals Club had its biggest turnout of the year last week. At 7 a.m. more than 100 came to hear Charlie Cook, who is one of the political experts who tells politicians whether they will win or lose and why. He’s the publisher of “Cook Political Report,” What the audience most wanted him to tell them was if Sen. Hillary Clinton was going to be nominated by the Democrats in 2008. “Certainly she is the overwhelming favorite,” he said. “Democrat leaders say she has it wrapped up because she can raise all the money in the world, she can get all the endorsements and certainly she will have the best manager in the Democratic Party.” The last words got the best laugh of the morning [...]

Care to read more? The answer to "Is Hillary Tough Enough" is included.

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GOP and the Economy

Two widely separated views on the economy tonight.  One from the Right. One from the Left.  Read 'em both.


Not Done Yet

Not quite.  Yet.


And, There's Still More...

Countdown picked up on the Hersch article (and a related piece in a New York newspaper today).  More chatter about that, and some other "stuff" tonight:


Evening Updates

Random thoughts from random bloggers.  Some familiar. Some may be new to you.  It's always interesting, to me, to see what catches people's fancy.  We begin with our friend, Don Elkins, the radio/TV guy up in NW Arkansas:

SOME SERIOUS QUESTIONS TODAY about just how far we, the people, should let the government go in it's attempts to violate the right to privacy, and to intrude on our personal lives. First, this -- seems another Time Magazine Reporter will have to testify in the Plamegate leak investigation...The reporter, Viveca Novak, who has written about the leak investigation, has been asked to testify by the [...]


The Hersch Article

The Hersch article appears to have some legs.  It's certainly getting attention in the blogosphere.  Our blog segment for The 5:30 Report today meantions a couple of them:

"After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the former official said, he was told that Bush felt that "God put me here" to deal with the war on terror. The President's belief was fortified by the Republican sweep in the 2002 congressional elections; Bush saw the victory as a purposeful message from God that "he's the man," the former official said [...]

It's also mentioned on another blog, where there are a bunch of very interesting comments being posted:


Cole on Hersch and Bush

Juan Cole is a History Professor and generally regarded as one of the country's experts on the Middle East. He writes today about the Seymour Hersch article and President Bush.  And he has some suggestions.  See if they make sense to you:


Hersch and The President

Looks like the bloggers are getting their feet back on the ground after the holiday weekend.  And a lot of them are noticing that Seymour Hersch article on The President and Iraq, among other things.  It's a big part of our on-air blogs for today's 5:30 Report and some additional posts, too.  In case you missed the interview on CNN yesterday - here's a holiday gift: 

Seymor Hersh with Blitzer 

Sy Hersh joined Wolf Blitzer, on Late Edition and discussed his new article called "  "Up in the Air. " This article is loaded with peeks into the future of Iraq and some very scary stuff about Bush's mental make-up. (Transcripts) [...]


Hersch Follow-Up

There's a big more in the blogosphere on the Seymour Hersch article and interview I told you about yesterday.  It was just such a strange interview and it appears the article is just as interesting.  Looks like I was pretty much on target in my thoughts on what he said and wrote:


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weather, Church and Civilian Deaths

How's that for a combination!  Tons of tornado warnings through Arkansas tonight.  Looks like things are beginning to quiet down a bit, but it's still noisy outside.  The rough stuff managed to stay away from Central Arkansas (where we are) long enough to let our church get in the annual "Hanging of the Greens" program.  I think I've been a reader for it for probably 15 years now.  Choir was great.  Orchestra was great.  And it's always nice to hear the first of the Christmas Carols.  Oops.  Holiday Carols.  Nope, that just doesn't work. They are Christmas Carols.  I'm sure I'm surprising some of you who read this blog regularly.  Good.  I like it that way!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming:


Late Edition Follow-Up

Well, at least I know I didn't dream that Seymour Hersch interview on Late Edition.  This Conservative blogger does a good job of summarizing most of the Sunday talkers. Obviously, he skews his thoughts a bit in his direction, but he gets the quotes.  You'll have to follow the link and scroll way down the page.


Sunday Thoughts

More of them for what's supposed to turn into a stormy Sunday afternoon in our part of the country.  I'm hoping our daughter gets safely back to college before it really moves in.  So, to keep my mind off that long drive she has to make (yeah, Dads do worry too much), here's some more good reads that I stumbled across.


...In e-mails to his family, Westhusing seemed especially upset by one conclusion he had reached: that traditional military values such as duty, honor and country had been replaced by profit motives in Iraq, where the U.S. had come to rely heavily on contractors for jobs once done by the military...read on [...]


A Few More

You'll find interesting.  Just dig in. 

Big story in Sunday's Washington Post. Democratic Veteran blog has the coverage. Gotta love the quote at the end of the blog entry:"Naturally, the common people don't want war, but after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship [...]

It's part of the exit strategy when Republicans want to bring our troops home. Democrats are heralded as traitors when they broach the same subject. [...]


Crisis of Management

Those are the words Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersch used this morning to describe the current state of affairs in the White House.  He was on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer and it was part of a lengthy and seething interview about his latest article in the New Yorker Magazine.  Doesn't seem to be available online, but I'll keep watching for a clip or transcript.  Other parts of the discussion (from memory, so don't consider them quotes) - Hersch painted the President as being very isolated, believing he can ignore negative reports about the war and just keep charging ahead.  Hersch says several high-ranking Pentagon officials who supported the Administration's war plans initially, have now decided we are not on the right course, but cannot discuss those concerns with the Administration.  There was also discussion of the much-talked-about plan to pull about 60,000 U.S. troops out of Iraq next year.  There is word now that their presence will be replaced by an increased American Air Force presence, to support Iraqi troops on the ground.  Hersch says the concern at the Pentagon is that, eventually, Iraqis will be designating targets on the ground.  The Air Force is, reportedly, concerned that our planes could be firing on non-legitimate targets - hospitals, schools, homes - simply because a segment of the Iraqi forces decided they wanted to "get back" at someone.  In other words, our guys don't trust the Iraqi forces.  Some other thoughts about the war:


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

Okay, we've made it through Black Friday.  And we're into the weekend.  I'm really tired of people lining up at 5 am to get a bargain.  Only to find themselve in a fight to get it.  $400 laptops are really neat.  I'd like to get one.  But I'm not going to fight somebody to do it. And, was it worth it?  Or is Monday a better deal?

Goodbye "Black Friday," hello "Cyber Monday"  

(National) November 26, 2005 - Now that you've survived the shopping frenzy of "Black Friday," get ready for "Cyber Monday.". The [...]

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Scraping The Bottom of the Blogosphere

qOh, it's not the bottom.  Still great writers.  Still interesting thoughts.  Just a few more that caught our attention tonight.


It's Only Saturday.

Just like the after Thanksgiving meal. This is the leftovers.  Good stuff that just didn't fit in anywhere else.  Dig in.  Read until you're full.  Enjoy.


This is Interesting

Hmmm. This gets its own post.  Interesting. What do you think?



Okay, I know a lot has been written about the graphic "inside the body" sequences on CSI on CBS.  Just let me say that they are REALLY over the top in High Definition.  Sheesh. If I want to see burned finger filling my screen, I'll burn my own.  Just a bit too much, CBS.  And we love the show.


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The War and More

This is the topic we started off with today.  And the blog posts have tended to be more and more along the lines of my original questions.  Read on.  Comments are open, although I'm hearing that Haloscan may be having some problems.  If you have trouble posting a comment, I apologize.  We're working to find out what the problem is.

Even more evidence now that Bush is caving to terrorists and political pressure and is planning to reduce a significant amount of US troops from Iraq next year.[...]

Citing this LATimes article
My view is that Vietnam makes it difficult to believe that BushCo will pull out so quickly - the interval between the US leaving and Iraq collapsing into unvarnished civil war and chaos would be too short - the cutting and running by BushCo would be too apparent. And I think this will put Democrats on the hot seat as well as Republicans on what to do in Iraq.untry probably would not be needed much longer. [...]

We've just witnessed a ferocious two weeks of attacks over the future direction of our policy in Iraq. And in that brawl, the White House and its surrogates have launched all manner of attacks against those who would 'cut and run' before 'our job is finshed' in Iraq, Now comes this article in Saturday's Los Angeles Times which reports that said turbo-testicular worthies have reviewed the [...]

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Hey, Hey, It's Saturday Night!

Supper is on the grill.  Daughter is on her way back to college, with a stop tonight up in Northwest Arkansas. So, I'm watching a little football and checking the blogs.  Here's some of what's getting the attention online tonight. Let's call it "The Scandals Abound".  If proven true.

This thing is breaking open. Everyone's involved: Congressman and their wives, Senators, staffers, Bush administration officials. This was the epitome of the GOP's K Street project:The 35 to 40 investigators and prosecutors on the Abramoff case are focused on at least half a dozen members of Congress, lawyers and others close to the probe said. The investigators are looking at payments made by [...]

Someone call Guinness, we may have a record here: The Justice Department's wide-ranging investigation of former lobbyist Jack Abramoff has entered a highly active phase as prosecutors are beginning to move on evidence pointing to possible corruption in Congress and executive branch agencies, lawyers involved in the case said. [...]

From an AP article on Judge Reggie Walton, the judge in the Scooter Libby case:Walton's role also may be crucial regarding the use of classified information and whether documents sought by Libby's lawyers are relevant. If Walton rules against opening classified files to the defense team, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's case would move to trial. If Walton rules that Libby must be allowed [...]

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This "War" Thing

I'm confused.  Seriously.  About the War in Iraq. I don't have a military background, but it just surprises the heck out of me when things do a complete turnaround in a matter of days.  At least from the political point of view.  One day its "Stay the Course"  and "We're Not Leaving Until We Succeed".  Most news reports were indicating (a couple of weeks ago) that the training of Iraqi forces really wasn't going all that well.  Now, we're busy handing over bases to them, hearing that the Iraqi forces really are catching on and (surprise) we'll start withdrawing troops shortly.  What the heck happened?  Comment away.  Explain it to me.   The obvious answer would be that the political pressure got a bit heavy and things just had to change.  Will it work?  Consider a couple of blogger opinions:

Vice President Cheney, 11/21/05:

A precipitous withdrawal from Iraq would be a victory for the terrorists, an invitation to further violence against free nations, and a terrible blow to the future security of the United States of America.