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Monday, October 31, 2005

And Still More

As always, we're doing the legwork, so you can read and enjoy JUST the good stuff.  The rain seems to be holding down Halloween traffic in our neighborhood.  A whopping six kids so far!  If any of you reading this work with me, be warned. You're gonna get LOTS of junk food to eat! A wide variety of posts tonight.  I'm going to leave them in random order, for the most part.
  • 53% Say Administration Lied - And misled all of us on WMD.
  • Alliance for Justice's preliminary report on Alito - Hint #1 - Not a "thumbs up".
  • Cafferty: Isn't Frist indicted too? - I love Cafferty's style. And I really think he just LOVES getting under Wolf Blitzer's skin.  This is great TV.  Don't you agree?
  • Cheney's Clintonian Lie About Joe Wilson... - The technicalities of "knowing" someone.
  • Health Savings Accounts - Good?  Bad? Depends.
  • Max Blumenthal: Did The White House Kidnap Scalito's Son? - This is a great piece.  Doubt that you'd find out about it elsewhere. Hat tip to Huffington Post.
  • McClellan: I Can’t Comment Because Harriet Miers Told Me Not To - Bet he didn't even realize this is what he said.
  • Up Off the Canvas - Found a poll where Bush's approval numbers are up!
  • White House talking points for Alito - Here's the list. Play the game.  Watch for who uses which ones the quickest.
  • ZOMBIES AT THE POLLS - Malkin finds evidence Democrat numbers are inflated (in Detroit) by dead people, etc.  It's a bad deal, no matter WHICH party is involved. 
  • Cable news coverage of Alito nomination skewed right - Amazing.  Somebody, Someday, has to do it even-handed.  My only question would be to compare the time spent talking with each.  If the progressive guests got more air time (to balance out the NUMBER of conservative guests), it's not as bad as the list makes it seem. I always have the TV on in my office, generally bouncing between CNN and MSNBC.  Honestly, the coverage seems to be more balanced than this would lead you to believe. However, I'm not paying close attention. Writing, taking phone calls, with the TV on in the background. What do YOU think?

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    Just Keep Reading

    More reading for a rainy Halloween here in Central Arkansas.  In our earlier evening post, we mentioned that Scooter Libby had penned a somewhat erotic novel a few years back. 

    That's it.  And this is how the bloggers are talking about it.  I guess you could chalk it up to having too much time on his hands at some point in his career.  But it really IS pretty bad writing.  No, make that VERY bad writing. Embarrassing, I would think.

    Now, let's hit the ground running.  First, some blogging about the latest in connection with the Libby indictment. Some of you will consider this writing as obscene as some of what Libby wrote in his novel!

  • Circling The Wagons, Cheney Pokes Fitzgerald In The Eye - Picks helpers named in the indictment.
  • Eddington/Cheney - It's all in the family.
  • The indictment, take 2 - Friends making Friends family. Follow me?
  • No Underlying Crime, Not! - Doesn't take much reading between the lines to see through that talking point.

    Now, the Alito nomination.  And the bloggers are busy providing questions to congress.  We'll start with one of the most interesting propositions. 

  • Alito: Where were you in '72? - Hmmm.  Really low draft number.  National Guard time!
  • Fighting Alito -it's all about Rove.  Blogger says the Alito nomination proves Rove is back in charge.
  • Scalito - The nickname with a purpose.  Not just because it sounds cute.
  • The showdown finally arrives - Big issues. 
  • Trick or Treat! - A treat for the Right.  A trick for the Left, according to the blogger.
  • What Next?Your Guide to the Confirmation of Samuel Alito - From the right.  How will it all play out?

    And a couple of random blogs about important thoughts.

  • More GOP Headaches This Week - It's gonna be like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
  • The obscene timing of food stamp cuts - This one almost slipped by.  What's up with this thinking?

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    Round One for Monday Evening

    I'm trying to really sift through all the bloggers and give you only the cream of the crop.  Otherwise, you'll be up all night!

  • Bush Picks Alito For Supreme Court
  • Bush vetted next Supreme Court pick with Concerned Women for America
  • Dem Talking Points on Alito
  • Scalito: "Activist Conservativist"
  • Schumer, Kennedy blast choice of Alito

    Enough on Alito for now.  There are other things going on in the world!  And I do have to wonder about the timing of the Alito announcement.  Yes, Bush did promise a speedy decision.  But to play it out early on Monday, following Friday's indictments, does seem to be an attempt to get extended news coverage that might have continued to focus on the indictments. Strategic timing?  Or just coincidence?  Use the comments.  Let's discuss.  And, to make sure it doesn't disappear off the radar screen, let's go back to Friday's indictment of Scooter Libby and it's impact on the White House.

  • The Outing of Valerie Plame
  • What Does it Take to Get Fired?
  • Bush's White House in Turmoil
  • Rove Still in Danger?

    A bit of local chatter, courtesy of Arkansas Times -

  • Hola Springdale - NW Arkansas growth trends

    And some media shop talk -

  • The Manchurian Reporter - Actually, SEVERAL of them. 
  • Cable news coverage of Alito nomination skewed right
  • Former Cheney staffer covers leak for NBC - Good questions.  Interesting response.

    More on our final piece later, but did you know Scooter Libby wrote a book?  Yup.  Sure did.  An attempt at erotica that didn't do all that well.  Look for some posts on it a bit later.  For now, take a look -

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    Out of Touch??

    On-Air blogs are in the post below.  If you've been out of touch today, here are links to a few of the major stories -

    Alito Strong Conservative on Liberal Court (AP via Yahoo! News)

    Court Nominee Alito Holdings Top $615,000 (AP via Yahoo! News)

    Abortion:The Issue That May KO Alito

    7 US troops die in Iraq during deadliest month for Americans since ...

    Iraq war dominates Italy-US talks

    Bomb kills 20 in Iraq after bloodiest month for US


    The Alito Debate Begins

    That's the focus of our on-air blogs from today's 5:30 Report.  And the bloggers are coming down exactly where you would expect them to land, based on political leanings.  Our first blog was from the Right -
    Bring It On

    The President has chosen the best person for the job. Conservatives have all had wish lists, but Alito stands out as a competent, qualified, well respected jurist who has served on the bench for many years. He will be hard to paint as a right-wing extremist, but the left will try.

    Moving on to the Left - we found a lengthy list of Alito's past rulings and thoughts on how he might apply those thoughts in the future. - Samuel Alito’s America  And a comment from one reader -

    Well, who didn’t see this coming?! Bush got slapped down the first time for someone who wasn’t overtly conservative and wasn’t expressly in the mold of Scalia. This guys nickname is “Scalito” for God’s sake.

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    Sunday, October 30, 2005

    one more try and it seems to have worked this time. I think Picassa was the problem. Posted by Picasa


    Last Few for Tonight

    And, a few more. Enjoy. We'll talk again tomorrow at 5:30.  Maybe I'll get blogger fixed by then.
  • Iraq reconstruction by US: 'no policy' and 'no money left' - Not a pretty picture.
  • Ari Ari Bo Bari Banana Fana Fo Fari - Connect the dots and the names.
  • Kurt Vonnegut My War...is nothing less than the so... - Kurt has a review of a new book. See below.
  • Let's Tell Mikey, He'll Print Anything - Trashing the Newsweek guy.
  • Pundit Overload - Keep talking.
  • Misprint? - Left out a few lines, did we?

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    Blogger Fixed

    Kind of. I figured out that it was the picture posts this weekend that messed things up. Still don't know why. I'll experiment some this week and see if I can figure out how to get them back up. For now, all is normal. Except I have to get the haloscan comments back. Seems like the blogger comments are open to all kinds of entries. UGH!
    UPDATE:OK Haloscan comments are back. But they're ABOVE each post, until I can figure out the doggone HTML. At least they're back. And not spammed.


    Darn. The Weekend is Almost Over

    But the bloggers continue to rock 'n roll.  Nice Sunday. Our son was home from New Orleans for the weekend. Will have to fill you in on his job one of these days. A couple of his co-workers are blogging about their jobs, doing chemical testing in the aftermath of the hurricanes.  But, that's for another day.  Right now, some early evening updates.

    More just a bit later.

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    New Look

    Okay, now I'm official upset! Made the format change and that doggone Blogger banner is STILL messed up! One more thing to work on tonight, I guess. Wish me luck. Any suggestions are welcome!


    Blog changes

    Blogger is looking pretty bleak today.  The top banner is messed up and there are some other issues.  Guess it's time for a makeover.  Later this afternoon or this evening, with a little luck, we'll be making some wholesale changes in the design template.  Hold on tight.  It could be a wild ride!


    Lunchtime Updates

    Just a few more thoughts for a Sunday.  Post-talker material will come a bit later.  I have a few things I have to get done, away from the computer!
  • Sunday Talk - The Bunker - Great bloglist of good reading
  • This Week In God - Suing the Da Vinci Code author.
  • Wash Post/ABC Poll: Bush's ethics worse than Clinton's, Approval rating at all-time low
  • Why Did Fitzgerald Throw Judy in Prison?

    After reading Libby's indictment (soon to be a major motion picture) for a third time, I'm even more puzzled by Fitzgerald's decision not to charge Scooter with either an IIPA or an Espionage Act violation.

    Will Libby Exercise His Right to a Trial?

    Libby has every right to a trial, but how likely is he to make Cheney and Rove witnesses in a trial that could destroy the administration?

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    Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down

    Hope you enjoyed the photos in the posts below.  Sunday morning talk shows are on.  We'll get the analysis of them later.  For now, some of the overnight blogger ramblings in this post and one that should be up early this afternoon. And, it's not ALL about Libby, et al.
  • Blanco Upset About Fast, Efficient And Cost-Effective New Orleans Rebuilding
    Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, flanked by veteran Democratic activists and a union leader, criticized the Bush administration on Saturday for allowing hurricane rebuilding contracts to go to out-of-state firms and low-wage workers.

  • Fineman on Scooter
    Scooty knew exactly that exposing Valerie Plame's name was a big problem and he wanted to "insulate the boss."

  • Indictment Dissected: Cheney’s Role - Good two part blogger post.
  • Indictment Dissected: Libby’s Knowledge of Plame’s Covert Identity - Continued from above.
  • Is Malkin a Journalist? - She makes a good point. Once in a while. This guy, who used to be her boss, pretty much rips her.
  • Progress In Iraq: Iraqi Forces Taking Over - Interesting post from the Right.  There are conflicting reports in the media.  A couple of examples below.

     U.S. troops may be asked to do more in Iraq. But then will Iraqi forces step up?  

    27 bases turned over to Iraq (Chicago Tribune) 

    US troops in Iraq hit record number (Reuters via Yahoo! News)


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    Saturday, October 29, 2005

    A Few for Early Evening

    Well, y'all better be proud of us!  Walked about 6.5 miles today!  Took some pictures, too. If the new software works, you'll have pics to look at later tonight. Just a diversion from all the news.  But, for now, a few more from the bloggers as they continue to dissect the words from Friday.
  • Amb. Joe Wilson speaks out about all the president's men - Quite a statement.
  • Been Too Nice to the Beard Lately - Blitzer taking some hits.  As I've said before - Great program. Don't like him.
  • Helen Thomas on Real Time - She fires off the tough questions and now gets some in return.
  • I Couldn't Help Wondering - From the right. "Scooter, who?"
  • John Dean is the Cheney Firewall - The clip from Countdown and some analysis.  Good stuff.
  • Round-Up - One of the best basic analysis' of what's been going on with Libby et al.
  • Mars attacks  - Stay up late.  Look to the skies.
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    And Now, the Bloggers

    Read the post below for some information updates on the Libby case.  Some sources you might not always read, I hope. And, now, some bloggers on the same topics (and a couple of spares):
  • Bloggers/Readers Not All That Impressed With Plame Indictment - Some thoughts from the Right. Including a bit of trash tossed at a former Arkansas reporter.
  • On The Libby Indictment - Another from the right (RedState.org)
  • Powerline’s Indictment Analysis: Up = Down - A Left-leaning blogger picks apart one from the Right.
  • Swing and a Miss - Yet another from the Right.
  • Treasongate: Sounds familiar - Reaction and Analysis.
  • The wired nation; Arkansas lags - Nothing about Libby.  But all about how Arkansas lags in computers and broadband access.  Guess you local folks better get busy and post some comments so the world knows we exist!

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    Keeping up With the Bloggers

    Keeping up with the bloggers is tough to do sometimes.  The list of bloggers that I try to (at least) skim through keeps growing.  I'm using a great aggregator (FeedDemon) that helps pull the interesting ones together in a form that I can copy into the software I use to post the blog.  It's still in development, but offers some very interesting options, including the ability to search quickly for current news articles online and drop them right into the post.  A few examples from Yahoo and Google searches, with sources you may not always read.

    How the charges against Libby could impact Bush's Supreme Court

    Libby indictment a body blow to a struggling White House

    Lawmakers React to Libby Indictment - Voice of America

    Who Is Scooter Libby And Who Cares? ChronWatch

    Libby case shows bad blood between White House, CIA

    Bloggers weigh in on Plame, Libby indictment


    Busy Saturday

    Been running errands, fixing a broken tail-light in the car, etc this morning.  Just flew through some of the blogs and found some interesting writings. I'll post a few right now.  Then, we're off to grab a bit of lunch and do some hiking down by the river.  We have a wonderful biking/hiking trail that will eventually be finished on both the Little Rock and North Little Rock side of the river and cross the river on bridges. When finished, it will be perfect for a marathon.  Good chance to get some exercise, clear out the mental cobwebs and enjoy the outdoors. 
  • If You Apply Heat, You Get... - Geat analysis of all that happened (and didn't happen) yesterday.
  • LANDFALL!!! - Craig Crawford has a pretty good "hurricane" comparison.
  • Russert and Libby and the Complaint About a Reporter - Russert making headlines, big time.
  • Russert's Role - Good question
  • Timmeh - Russert's latest nickname. And more on his involvement.
  • The way Fitzgerald is talking about Rove is the same way he talked about corrupt former IL Governor George Ryan, right before he indicted him - hmm.  Probably too speculative.  But interesting.
  • We Know Who Outed Plame - EXCELLENT writing from one of the Daily Kos regulars.
  • Will There Be More Indictments? - And the Kos Krew is two-for-two.  Another TOP NOTCH piece.

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    Friday, October 28, 2005

    What's Being Reported

    So, is anybody paying attention to the fallout from the Libby indictments? Oh, you've been under a rock all day? Here are a few stories to bring you up to date.
    A Grave Indictment, but Grave Questions Remain

    Libby indictment likely to spark new debate about Iraq war

    Will indictment shatter GOP security image?

    'Official A' Stands Out in Indictment (AP via Yahoo! News)

    Libby indictment piles bad news on White House (Washington Post)

    Looks for blog links in the next post down.

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    And, the Bloggers Respond and Debate

    Enough to keep  you reading for a while.  Again, in no particular order.  Random posts from random blogs.
  • AP's sources say "Official A" is Rove
  • Drudge: Details on 60 Minutes, Joe Wilson
  • Rush Can’t Get His Fitzgerald Spin Straight
  • They knew Plame was undercover
  • Why Not Indict the Reporter?
  • Wal-Mart attacks facts in critical doc - Nothing to do with the indictment.  But, in the interest of fairness, it's here.  We posted the info on the new documentary earlier.

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    Let The Debate Begin

    Whew.  Didn't take long for the bloggers to dig deep into the indictments and start debating what's there (and what's NOT).  Here's the beginning of what will likely become a busy weekend of blogging.  Outdoor chores and other duties notwithstanding!
  • A Good Start - Former CIA guy's take on the indictment. He's usually pretty good with analysis
  • Fitzgerald Pulls His Punch - Blogger thinks the charges could have been stronger.  Read the comments.
  • Maybe Libby Can Try An Insanity Defense - More questions about the indictment and what it means.
  • New grand jury will continue investigation: - It ain't over yet.
  • Newest GOP talking point - Caught a bit of this on CNN.  See if you can follow the line of reasoning.
  • Patrick Fitzgerald's Opening Statement - Pretty much universally praised.
  • Smoking Guns - More questions than answers in some areas.
  • Talking points If I'm hearing this discussion on ... More talking points.
  • The Plame Non-Story - And the basis of the GOP position.

    Fair enough for you all?  I'll be watching for updates.  You do the same.  Links below to some preliminary web coverage.
    Libby pushed case for war (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
    Highlights from Libby indictment (CNN.com)
    Full Text: U.S. v. Libby Indictment (Washington Post)
    'Scooter' Libby dragged out of White House shadows by CIA probe (AFP via Yahoo! News)

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    Grand Jury Updates

    It's been a very busy day, tracking the bloggers reaction to the information coming from Special Prosector Fitzgerald.  We've pulled together a preliminary group of links below. These are going up early, in no special order, to allow the tech guys to work on my computer.  Again.  More to follow this evening.

  • Bonus Quote of the Day
  • Celebration Over - Sen. Kennedy statement
  • Cheney and Libby's new problem - Beyond the indictment.
  • Did Bush Order a Media Blackout on RoveGate? - It HAS been quite.  Until this afternoon.
  • Does Rove Have a Secret Plea Deal? - Supposition.
  • Missing From The Indictment - Being debated extensively on CNN. Is this a key fact? Or, as one person argued, simply not used because it's never BEEN used and would be tough to prove.
  • Remember What Bush Said - THIS is probably the strongest piece so far.
  • That Wasn't Mars AND Venus  - Nothing to do with the indictments, but an interesting followup.

    Much more coming this evening. I promise.  From BOTH sides.

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    Waiting for the Documents

    Waiting now for the documents from the Special Prosecutor.  Interesting discussion underway on CNN.  Legal experts and reporters discussing how easily this entire case could turn into a courtroom argument over the entire Iraq war.  Bottom line of what they're tossing around - just because it looks like only one person may be indicted today, the impact of this investigation on the Administration may be deep and long-lasting.  Interesting summary here:

    Cheney Feels the Heat in the Plame Affair (The Village Voice)


    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    Updating the Updates

    Just a few follow-up posts to keep you on top of things.  I've been running tonight - airport trip to pick up the son, etc.  Trying to catch up now before calling it quits for another day.
  • Oh, My Ohio: Noe Indicted in Bush/Cheney '04 Money-Laundering Scheme!
  • Governor Bush blaming the people for not preparing. - This blogger makes me believe that's just not fair. And,  yes, I know it was in the paper this morning.  But not the blogger's counter argument.
  • Nice Catch - Advance glance at the latest GOP talking-points about indictments. 
  • Why No Resignations - If Rove and/or Libby know, why haven't they resigned?  This was a major point of discussion on some of the evening cable shows.  Comments here look to be very interesting.
  • Did Bush Order a Media Blackout on RoveGate? - You do have to wonder why there's been almost NO new information in the past couple of days.  This makes sense. 

    And now, from the friendly search function in this new software, some reading material:


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    Quirky Posts

    Picking up the pieces, we've found some rather quirky posts floating around the blogs tonight.  We'll give you the "real" information first, then have a little fun with the strange stuff.
  • The effect of indictments - Excellent analysis.
  • Did Tenet Resign Because of Leak Scandal? - And an excellent question.  Check out the timetable.
  • Rove Salutes Media Today - Best guess on what's up with the Grand Jury.
  • Podesta: The Right Holds Women Nominees to A Different Standard
  • Arithmetic, MRC style: On O'Reilly Factor, Graham lowballed amount of funding MRC receives from Scaife - With an Arkansas connection to the Clinton years.
  • New Orleans’ Levee Board Chief Quits Amid Questions Of No-Bid Contracts To Relatives -Louisiana politics at its best (or worst).
  • Your vote doesn't count - The source may be a bit dubious, but the story is certainly interesting.
  • Mysterious murder suicides hit S.F. Bay Area - This is just flat out strange. Strange lights in the sky followed by murder-suicides and more.

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    Miers Pulls Out - Fitzgerald Moves Forward

    "Stunning".  That was the singular first analysis that multiple reporters used to described Harriet Miers' decision to withdraw from the Supreme Court nomination process.  Whether she really did withdraw, or whether the White House urged her to do so, is a matter of debate.  And, whether the timing was designed to draw attention away from the Grand Jury investigation can also be debated.  Bottom line is quite simple.  Miers is out.  The President has to come up with another nomination quickly (it could happen by the time you read this). And the entire process will begin again.  Interestingly, that means that Sandra Day O'Conner will remain on the court and will most likely have to cast a vote on some key cases.  Next up?  The Grand Jury.  You'll find wide-ranging views on both Miers and the Grand Jury in a laundry list of blog links below.  By the way, as we finished writing this at mid-afternoon, CNN is sounding pretty confident that tomorrow is the day for the Special Prosecutor to talk about indictments. They're saying flat out that there will NOT be an extension, because the Grand Jury has already been in place for two years and they would have to start an entirely new jury.
  • A Miers Tick-Tock - What happened when in the past few days.
  • And the Rovian Play Begins (by Matt Singer) - Miers timed to divert attention from the CIA Leak probe?
  • Everybody had it wrong. - Say what? Everybody is 180 degrees off on the indictments? Joe and Valerie?
  • HARRIET MIERS WITHDRAWS: RELIEF - Michelle Malkin speaks for the right.
  • Millions Of Floridians Without Power And Basics...And Jeb Bush Says They're Dumb - Not in so many words, but....
  • No Leaks Announcement Today - What's up with the CIA case?
  • Right Wing DOES have a litmus test for Supreme Court - A bit more commentary on Miers and the SUPCO
  • Rove in jeopardy, developing trial strategy - And a bit more on Rove and the Grand Jury.
  • Ugly/Not Ugly? - A little more Leak background.
  • What The Media Said About A Miers Withdrawal: Bush Weakness - A roundup of first reaction.

    And, finally, just for fun, with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Harriet Miers blogs.

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    Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    Final Few for Tonight

    There's a ton of chatter among the bloggers tonight.  Here's a sampling of what's going on.
  • Bush reinstates wage rules for Katrina - Kind of backing down from earlier, huh?
  • BUSH VIDEO: “We Must Always Ask Ourselves Not Only What Is Legal, But What Is Right” - Repeat, but good.
  • If Fox News had been around through history - This is pretty funny.  Unless you really like FOX News. Make sure you follow the links.
  • Indictment Watch Update - The latest
  • Nothing coming down today - The latest - version two
  • Plame Indictments Update - Version three
  • Evening Buzz, Buzz - Maybe the best update.
  • Well, Brownie is *still* at FEMA after all - They STILL can't get it right.

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    Invitation Lost in the Mail

    Not that we ever expected to be invited, it is interesting to note that we were apparently left off the list of invited press for the Governor's luncheon.  But, we're in good company with KUAR and The Arkansas Times, apparently!

    We always search through both left and right-leaning blogs in our search for interesting content.  Here's an interesting approach from one of the right-leaning bloggers who isn't afraid to speak his mind.

    Another Brilliant Presidential Speech on GWOT

    Putting our commentary hat on, we'd have to say there was very little "new" in that speech and, thus, very little "newsworthy".  It's also interesting to note that left-leaning bloggers constantly criticism the media for giving the President too much coverage of speeches that seem to vary little from day to day.



    Just noticed something interesting while eating lunch and writing this post.  Clicking between CNN and MSNBC and what's on each channel is interesting.  The President is speaking to The Economic Club and Florida Governor Jeb Bush is talking about how things have been pretty badly handled after Wilma.  CNN is carrying the President. MSNBC has decided Jeb's comments are more important/interesting.

    Looks like the blogosphere (and all the rest of us) will have to sit tight, waiting for what the liberal blogs are calling "Fitzmas" - Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald's decision on possible indictments. Most of the major cable nets are saying the official word will NOT come today, although there are are a number of bloggers who still expect to get some type of confirmation.  Most of the speculation seems to center around Fitzgerald asking for two indictments.  With that in mind, consider this, video (and a transcript) from a 2001 George Bush speech.

  • BUSH VIDEO: “We Must Always Ask Ourselves Not Only What Is Legal, But What Is Right”

    And, let's see how accurate THESE folks are, once something does happen with the Grand Jury.  Or you can go a little further out on the limb and say we WILL hear something this afternoon.

  • Now, let's roll with the blogs from our program for today.

  • Most Americans believe administration acted illegally or unethically - Latest CNN/USA Today poll
  • Wal-Mart takes one step forward — and two steps back - Raise the minimum wage, then cut benefits and hire only the healthy.

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    Tuesday, October 25, 2005

    Oh, What the Heck. One More

    Just because there is so much stuff out there.  There are several bloggers REALLY going out on a limb.  But our first one is just a good, solid, collection of the latest information.
    Arianna Huffington: Plamegate: Worse than Watergate
    And now, they're talking with neighbors! This is really something. Fitz turns back to Rove; FBI combs Plame's 'hood
    More Bombs Dropping In The White House -Pretty good summary of what's going on.


    Lightning Rod Franken

    Al Franken has a new book out.

    Some folks seem to like it.

    Some folks don't.


    Tuesday Evening Updates - The Magic Number?

    We hit 2,000 today.  2,000 Americans have died in the Iraq war.  The Pentagon wants the media to downplay that number, saying it's an arbitrary point picked by people who have an agenda.  Many of the bloggers would disagree.
  • 2,000 Americans have died in Iraq,
  • 2,000 dead - for what?
  • Another Bush p.r. offensive on Iraq that Americans aren't buying
  • Most Americans Think Iraq War Was Mistake

    And then there is THIS choice little post about Kay Hutchinson's flip-flop over perjury.  And bloggers continue to go out on a limb about the indictments.

  • As long as we're picking on Congress, 42% of DeLay's Constituents Want Him to Quit - things don't look good.

    And a very nice tribute to Rosa Parks.

  • |

    Tuesday Show Blogs

    Note the posting just below: The Raw Story blog is reporting Fitzpatrick has already gone to the grand jury and asked for at least one indictment in the CIA leak case.  Nothing yet in the Mainstream Media. We'll keep watching.  Evening news shows should be interesting.  Seems a bit out of the timetable everybody has been working from. 

    Here are the blogs we feature today during "The WB42 5:30 Report" -

    In Memorium: Rosa Parks - Such an important story in our history.

    Cheney Led Effort To Smear Wilson, Played Dumb - One example of blog coverage of NY Times piece today.

    And, for extra measure, we'll give you one sample of bloggers reaction to the news that there have been 2,000 U.S. casualties in Iraq. 

    Time for a Presidential speech.

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    We'll See if THIS Proves True

    Hmmm.  If true, the blogosphere would have truly been on top of things. RAW STORY reports Fitz IS seeking indictments.

    As we say in the biz - Stay Tuned

    UPDATED: BREAKING: CBS To Report Fitzgerald Will Make His Decision Known Tomorrow

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    One More Batch

    There is just SO much interesting reading out there.  Here are a few more to ruminate on tonight. A bit detailed at times, but pretty darn well done. 
  • A Blogger and His Dad - Great back and forth between father and son bloggers. Sounds like home!
  • ACLU: U.S. killed 8 in interrogations - Why?
  • Matthews Finds Spine (Or Ratings Bonanza) With Traitorgate - MSNBC gets another fan. 
  • Carlson: White House Should Have Been Smearing Fitzgerald Months Ago - This is one reason why the above is true.
  • Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia - Followup to the earlier postings about the military guy who was forced to shut down his blog.  And that's just the beginning.
  • Slime & defend: Fitzgerald next? - The talking point gang are gearing up.
  • The Cleanliness of Coal-to-Liquid-Fuel Technology - This is a great piece of a way we can produce more of our energy needs.

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    Monday, October 24, 2005

    The Hits Just Keep on Coming

    Countdown with Keith for tonight is history.  Blogs are busy.  Here are some links we snagged late this afternoon and a few from our multi-tasking while watching the tube tonight.

  • Iraq insurgency shows no sign of abating - Especially considering they tried to blow up a bunch of journalists today. NOT winding down. 
  • Poll Finds Bush Approval Unchanged - Latest poll.
  • Report: Wurmser Told Libby and Hadley - Here's a new twist.  Some weekend chatter seems to have been confirmed.  I still wonder who's leaking all this stuff?
  • So, How Is Your Day So Far? - Good summary of the latest CIA leak information
  • Waiting For Fitzgerald - Another collection with analysis.
  • Why Wilson Was Smeared - Those darn bloggers.  Always letting the facts get in the way.

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    Catching Up

    It's been quite a new day, hasn't it?  Hurricane Wilma.  Tropical Storm Alpha.  Huge explosions in Baghdad.  And then there is that little matter of an investigation in D.C. Some of which are addressed in tonight's first update posting.

  • "What Money?" - Simply can't believe a U.S. Senator gave this interview.  It's one for the "clasics"
  • Backing up a dubious claim - or clarifying a Presidential quote.
  • Bush is getting cranky, really cranky - Somebody inside is talking.
  • Documents Show Frist's Trust Wasn't Blind - Another "mis-speak"? 
  • Donnie Fowler: No One Died When Clinton Lied (aka "Rush Speaks Out") - The Talking Points in action.
  • FBI Repeatedly Violated Surveillance Laws and Directives - Yeah, this is real pretty.
  • Forgeries - The circle widens and the basis of the Iraq war may now be in question.
  • Hey Morons - Just for fun.  Really.  Funny pic of post-hurricane looters in action.

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    Monday Must-Read

    One blog from the 5:30 Report - it's a new site that pulls together a number of Arkansas news sources and bloggers.  Neat. 

    BullWhiz pulls it all together.

    UPDATE: Blogger is doing some strange things with html coding this afternoon. Scroll down one post and you'll find the BullWhiz links that WORK.

    More later. 

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    Sunday, October 23, 2005

    Bullwhiz Live!!

    This one is just so doggone neat that it gets a singular post.  The folks over at Bullwhiz have manage to pull together a system that brings the latest posts from a number of Arkansas blogs (including this one) into one page.  Great idea and supurb implementation.  You'll find the basic links at their home page.  If you're looking for more details, click here for expanded information.


    Sunday Chill

    Wow!  What a change.  We finally felt the full impact of the promised cool-down.  It's almost chilly outside today.  I'm thinking it's a good day for football on TV, blogs on the laptop and a still-wary eye on Wilma.  Here's a few more - good for between the football games.  Just to give you something to chew on and chat about.

  • Alaska Senator Says He’ll Resign If His “Bridge To Nowhere” $$ Goes To Katrina Victims... - Oh, give me a break! This guy is unbelievable!
  • Bush 41 Security Adviser Scowcroft: US is Moving In The Direction Of The Vietnam War - First glimpse at the upcoming article.
  • Halloween Special Series: Spooky Stuff - Just to keep you busy.  Lots of links to lots of ghost pictures, etc. Remind me to tell you about our trip to the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs.  I'll have to see if I can still dig out my pictures. 
  • Yes, Mr. Kristol, That’s A Crime - Twisted words.
  • |

    Suday Morning Coffee

    Welcome to Sunday. Here's what we found in a quick survey of the blogs this morning. 

  • Bird Flu Stories: Next Steps - Announcement this week?
  • Could Be A "Super Storm" - Wilma and Alpha combine?  Watch out Northeast USA.
  • FCC Simplifies Gov't Snooping - Ugly picture.
  • More Bad News for Bush - 'Nuf Said.
  • Texas paid 10x the value for Miers family land - Nice deal, IF you're connected enough to swing it.
  • The criminalization of the Iraq War - Prime topic of the Sunday morning talk shows.
  • Turns Out There Was A Link Between Saddam And Al Qaeda And That It Was Called “The United Nations” - Not a perfect theory, but certainly an interesting scenario.
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    Saturday, October 22, 2005

    Beautiful Saturday

    Unbelievably beautiful day here in Arkansas.  Yeah, I know, I should be out there enjoying it.  Actually have been most of the day.  Had family and friends taking part in the Race for the Cure.  Maybe 40,000 people this year.  Incredible sight.  But, it's winding down now.  And we found a few minutes to run through the blogs:

  • You Must read, "Fitzgerald's Historic Opportunity" by James Moore*
  • Plame plans to sue White House officials - In civil court
  • Rat, Meet Sinking Ship - One to keep an eye on Monday
  • Will the Grinch Steal Fitzmas? - Not everybody believes there WILL be indictments in Washington.
  • |

    Notice! The Weekend is Here!

    Get out and enjoy it.  But have a few blogs with breakfast. And we begin with a couple on Judy that you won't find in the mainstream media. At least, I don't think you will.

  • Arianna Huffington: Assumptions Raised by the Latest Keller-Culpa - Good roundup
  • Plame Grand Jury Met With Prosecutors Today - Looks like it IS winding down.
  • Brent Scowcroft Will Unload The Big Shot Against Bush's Foreign Policy Team Next Week
  • Bush National Guard Story Breaking?
  • Democrats Now Have 13-Point Edge For 2006 - The newest numbers.
  • A Message from Bill Keller - He's the New York Times boss.
  • Throw Judy From The Train - Analysis of what Keller wrote.

  • |

    Friday, October 21, 2005

    TGIF - Part Two

    Now that we're all settled into a quiet Friday night at home, you reap the benefits of my having a few moments to fly through the blogosphere. 

  • DeLay’s Lawyer Lies About MoveOn.org  - I somehow sense that this one is gonna get really nasty.
  • Brownie is still on the payroll - Actually, we KNEW he got thirty days, but now he gets MORE! And that's AFTER word of those emails came out. Amazing.
  • Contract Is No Carnival For Taxpayers - Yeah, well, THIS was another stupid move, wasn't it?
  • Cover-Up and Leak of Other Secrets Become Focus - but the scope widens.  Big-Time.
  • Gergen Says Wheels Have Fallen Off The Wagon - Follow the links to the soundbite. He's slow to get going, but really gets into it part way through the clip.
  • 'If they're spending that kind of money, they're spending it to protect themselves from something' - Another one I haven't seen anywhere else.  Has to do with Miers and Bush and legal bills in the past. You'll talk about it once you've read it.  Trust me.
  • Journamalism - Way to go, print people! Almost identical unsigned editorials showing up in papers across the country.  Ooops!
  • No one creates a website unless they intend to use it - And our Special Prosecutor just cooked one up. That should add to the White House discussions this weekend!
  • Oink Oink - Follow the Pork Trail through wild and wooly Washington.  Look at how much and when.
  • Plamegate Update - Just what it says.
  • Report: White House Charges Will Relate to Cover-up - Interesting analysis.  See how it compares to what you'll hear on TV throughout the weekend.
  • The Harriet Comedy of Errors Show - Can't really say much more than that.
  • US General: Iraqi Army Won’t Be Able To Operate On Its Own For Another Two Years - Isn't that just perfect.  Another two years!
  • US, UK search quake rubble for bin Laden - Had to go to foreign press sources to get this little gem.  But, darn it, it does make sense!
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    Whew! Finally Friday!

    We're not focusing on specific blogs on the air today.  But there is still plenty of action to keep you busy.  I'm going to send you to a couple of spots to read about Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff's recent comments about the Bush Administration. Here's some background.

    Powell Aide Wilkerson Says Bush Policymaking `Courts Disaster' - Bloomberg

    Here's the full text of the speech. - Striking. Here's video of the speech. - Tiny image, but usable, if you'd rather watch and listen than read.

    There are a couple of dozen striking points in that speech.  It's a bit verbose at times, but very tough.  What's your guess?  Does he just have a beef with the administration?  Or is he making valid points.  Comments are open.  Let's talk.

    Now, a few more on a variety of topics:

    BREAKING: NON-PARTISAN GAO REPORT RAISES, CONFIRMS SERIOUS QUESTIONS ABOUT SECURITY OF ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES! - If you vote (and you do, of course), this is more than a little troublesome.  Maybe all those stories of fraud we're just "creations" of the left.

    We've reported on those emails among FEMA officials just after Katrina socked New Orleans. But nobody has reported on the full depth and breadth of the exchanges. Here you go.  Read 'em and weep.  It is just SO sad.

    THE DAMNING FEMA E-MAILS - "damning" really isn't a strong enough word.  Keep in mind, the blogger is one of the right's strongest arguers.

    And, finally for now, here's something to talk about with friends this weekend:

    Andy Card needs to be with Bush this weekend - wonder why? 


    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    One Final Batch

    Switching software yet again.  This one has an update coming out Monday.  But, for what we're posting tonight, it will work just fine.

  • Burt Bacharach: "How Did These People Get Control Of Our Lives And Who'll Stop The Violence 'Cause It's Out Of Control?"... - New songs. With an edge. Interesting.
  • Cenk Uygur: Why isn't this the Biggest News Story of the Day? - I heard audio clips from this on the way home tonight.  Amazing.
  • Judy Judy Judy - Yup. Still problems.
    The rest of the article makes it pretty obvious that Miller was most likely not simply protecting a source's confidentiality but actively trying to protect that source from legal jeopardy. Not the same thing.

  • Miers Hasn’t Got A Clue - From the Right. Still not happy.
  • Wal-Mart yanks its own chain. - Interesting article.
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    Thursday Evening Updates

    So much going on.  On so many fronts.  We'll all be keeping an eye on Wilma this weekend. it's not going to be pretty for a lot of people.  Somewhere. In the meantime, here are some of the hot topics on the blogs this Thursday night.
    Didn't see a lot about this topic until the bloggers picked up on some isolated print articles last night and today:
    The next piece might be a bit overstated, but I don't think everybody has figured how BIG some of this Washington stuff really could be:
    A few of the bloggers are jumping all over the President for the comment he made during a brief news conference this morning.  Valid?  Or not?  You decide.
    From the really ugly side of things, the issue of how we care for those detainees has popped up again.  It's just really difficult to explain away some of this:
    And then there is the little matter of those U.S. forces burning enemy bodies in Iraq.  He builds a pretty good case for his position, although it's to not be repulsed at the whole situation.
    Now, live a little; laugh a little.  Great clip of Katie Curic vs Bill O'Reilly.  AND check out the screen capture and read the graphic carefully!
    File this one away.  Doubt that it would ever happen.  But it's a fascinating concept! Norm Ornstein via The Huffington Post:
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    Fema Fumbles and Harriet's Pop Quiz Problems

    Those are the two topics in our blog picks for The WB42 5:30 Report today. The FEMA story broke last night on NBC and MSNBC.  Today the FEMA Regional Director told all to a Congressional Committee.  It's one ugly story.  And makes Michael Brown look like an absolute idiot.  There's just no other way to say it.  Our friends at Arkansas Times were among the first to link to the MSNBC story:
    A quick bonus link - video of the story is here-
    Our second on-air blog topic was Harriet Miers.  Much has been written about the problems her  nomination is running into.  Michelle Malkin has put together a lengthy post that includes links to numerous other online resources and comments about Miers.
    Look for more tonight, including a follow-up to the "descreated bodies" story,  Bill O'Reilly on the Today show.  A nimble blogger captured a screen shot with a hugely amusing caption.  Was it just a goof?  Or was somebody making a subliminal comment?  Stop back later.  It's on the way!
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    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    Number Two for Tonight

    And, there's still more to follow.  The blogs are amazingly active tonight. 

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    Wilma Leads the Evening Updates

    Hurricane Wilma is incredibly frightening.  Fastest growing storm in history.  Biggest hurricane EVER.  A fresh list of bloggers and websites reporting on the storm tops our list of updates tonight:
  • Breaking all the records - Hurricane Wilma.
  • Australian TV Station Shows US Soldiers In Afghanistan Burning Dead Bodies Of Taliban... - For hygenic reasons?  The reporters who watched aren't buying it.
  • Raw Story: Wurmser Cooperating - Yet another Cheney aide who's spilling his guts.
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    A Few Extras (With More on the Way)

    This one gets a bit complicated, so stick with me.  It's all based on a New York Daily News article published today.  Here is the basic information:
    And it didn't take some members of Congress long to jump in and start asking questions. Representative John Conyers:
    And John at AmericaBlog has tunneled through the article and has some thoughts that pull it right into focus:
    All of this prompting an outburst of blogger-created "Fitzmas Carols".  Aw, don't get all upset and angry!  They're just havin' a bit of fun!
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    Show Blogs for October 19

    Let's try something different today.  I'll post the two blogs we mention on-the-air right here, then follow it up with a couple of additional posts. That way, if you've come here looking for ONLY the show posts, you won't have to wade through other information to get them. 
    Hurricane Wilma gets top billing today.  Check out this great collection of links to blogs and other online information about this record-breaking storm.
    And then there is a little Pentagon "oops".  Remember those re-enlistment "bonuses"?  Sign up for another tour in Iraq and you'll get a nice check.  How do you spell "renege"?
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    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Just a Few More

    Oh, yes, there ARE a few more things to talk about.  First and foremost, the Ed Schultz story.  Ed is the fastest-growing liberal radio guy. He's good.  Even supports veterans' benefits and better pay for the military.  But doesn't like the direction in which the country is headed. http://www.bigeddieradio.com/ is his website. Check it out.

  • Eric Boehlert: Fair and Balanced for the Troops?  - This one probably makes me as angry as darn near anything else. It's bothered me for a long time that Rush was the only "voice" on Armed Forces Radio.  Ed Schultz was supposed to join him this week.  Guess what?
  • America will pick its own lettuce, by god!  - Get rid of all of them!
  • Dealing With Fitzmas  - OK. I know some of you won't like this.  I think it's pretty creative and quite humorous.  Really. Read it with an open mind.
  • Did Washington 'test' bioweapons on D.C. war protesters?  - I certainly hope not.
  • Fox News Pushing “Criminalization of Politics” Talking Point - These guys did the background.  Checked the number.  Things as normal.
  • Greenspan Jumps The Shark  - Yup.  He's about ready to retire.
  • Greenwald vs. Wal-Mart  - You know the routine.
  • Larry Johnson's blog has a new tidbit....and it's really, really good  - and quite interesting. Heard him on the radio on the way home tonight.  He makes a good point.
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    Follow-Up Tuesday Posts

    Lots of fresh material tonight, as we begin the catchup process.  Look for at least two posts tonight with fresh material.  Starting right now.
  • Wal-Mart Whistleblower: "I'm Not Proud Of What I Did For Wal-Mart"...  - hold tight and see how much impact one little documentary maker can have.
  • Wal-Mart’s PAC donated $5000 to Tom DeLay  - with that in light, this doesn't make Wal-Mart look very smart.
  • When Republicans attack — each other
  • White House spokesman: Don't believe all the hype about Harriet being anti-abortion  - huh?
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    We're Back at Full Speed

    Well, maybe not FULL speed, but we did have time to chase down a couple of fresh blogs for today. We'll feature them on the air.  And you'll want to check back later for more. 
  • Dick Cheney in Fitzgerald's crosshairs  - self explanatory
  • OU BOMBER: STILL MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS  - wondering why this isn't getting more coverage.
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    Monday, October 17, 2005

    Finally- AR Media Girl Revealed!

    Oh, just because it's all within the Arkansas blogger community.  She's great. And I'm not going to let Don Elkins get total dibs on her! Plus Matilda is a blog you should bookmark.
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    Worse Than Watergate?

    Another great catch from the video folks.
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    Rebuilding and Rewriting

    After the big laptop meltdown of this morning, kudos to the Equity IT guys who had the foresight to keep some extra laptops on hand, just for folks like me.  They had a new unit in my hands within an hour this morning.  Still, it's taken most of the day to get the basics of the software I use for blogging downloaded and installed. So, for tonight, just enjoy the first few choice posts I've snagged tonight.
  • BREAKING: Barber Cancels Ed Schultz’s Debut on Armed Forces Radio - Looks like somebody wasn't happy with the coverage of that "talk back with the military" thing last week.
  • UPDATE: Email Contradicts Pentagon Spin on Schultz Cancellation  - Looks like there really WAS a decision made.
  • Conyers and Skelton Demand Info on Miller's Security Clearance - This is the big one right now.
  • Dobson and Miers: The Other Shoe Drops - Dobson remains a key player.
  • Meirs was just the Straw Breaking this Conservative Camel’s Back
  • On Cheney's Role in Leaks Probe
  • WHAT HAPPENED IN TOLEDO? - Quite a weekend.  Big riot.
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    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    It's Sunday Night

    And there are a few interesting posts.  Enjoy. No comments.  At least not from me. Just various opinions on what's going on.   Feel free to comment away.

  • A little Prozac with your drinking water?
  • Engine Seizure What a morning. Instead of disc...
  • First Reports Of Iraq's Rigged Election
  • Hidden Scamdal
  • Rove On The Bubble, Libby In Trouble
  • Summarizing Judy
  • When Bush said he was going after Al Qaeda, he didn't mean it
  • |

    Sunday Reading

    That New York Times article on Judith Miller is enough to keep you busy!  Lots of words there, my friends.  And the bloggers are lining up with analysis and commentary. Wade through it.  When you have the time.  Then chime in with your thoughts.  Comments are open.

  • Fire Judy and Apologize - Perhaps the toughest commentary.
  • Miller's Lawyer Turns on Libby  - Interesting observation.
  • Harriet Miers and Condi Rice are longtime com buddies... not that there's anything wrong with that - Girls' Night Out?!?!
  • Pumping Up The Gas Crisis - Remember that Bush quote about extending the war beyond Iraq?
  • Repackaging Harriet - Stand by for a new week and a new approach.
  • Rice Reveals She Has “Cooperated” with Prosecutor in Leak Probe - In Every Way - That was the quote on darn near EVERY interview show today.  Word for word.
  • Rove's Contingency Plan - Maybe a resignation?
  • The man who knew too much - That suicide in Syria?  Not so fast, says Newsweek.
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