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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Iraq War Planning and Arnold's New Spot

The alternative press keeps asking why the mainstream media hasn't picked up on the story, but Representative John Conyers is all over the issue. What issue? Advance planning of an Iraq military initiative - before it was legally authorized. When you read Conyers' questions, you have to admit that they seem to be legitimate and deserve a response.

And, would a prominent politician ever even THINK about doing some "product placement" for big financial contributors in a campaign ad? Think Arnold S. and click here to watch the spot in question and hear the explanation. Honestly, the response from Arnold's people DOES leave a lot to be desired!

We'll try to toss a few additional links in before the evening is up. Don't forget, the comments link works just fine. Give us your thoughts!


Sunday, May 29, 2005

Weekend Info

Well, with the rain moving in, let's do some weekend links. Lots of stuff and a wide variety of information. Several, to start, from the foreign press. Interesting to read what they write about us.

America is Sticking its Head in Boiling Oil - from an Arabic paper

Can Ms. Rice Speak Russian? From Pravda.

This is GREAT! Comparing computer repairs with Iraq.

Update on the weekend in Iraq.

Russian paper editorial on Bush's history.

The woman convicted of smuggling marijuana into Bali is living in some really bad prison conditions, according to this report.

This would be a part of the 5:30 Report Monday, if we were doing a show! Heck, it may be a part of Tuesday's show!

Another foreign press report. Why are we having problems in Iraq?

And, if you want some real conspiracy stuff, check this. Heard anything about the US invading Venezuela? Well, you have now!

Have a great Memorial Day. We'll see you Tuesday!


Friday, May 27, 2005

Another War on the Way? and Walmart's Wages

We're right up against a long holiday weekend. There will be no 5:30 Report (nor an update to this blog) Monday. But you'll want to make sure you watch our 30 minute special report on the USS Razorback - a World War Two era submarine that has a new home at the new Inland Maritime Museum in North Little Rock.

In the meantime, here's what we talked about on the air today:

Blog chatter (conspiracy theories?) about military movements toward the Persian Gulf. Is it all in advance of a June attack on Iran?

And, there just has to be a counter argument to this blogger who argues that Walmart pays such low wages that the taxpayers end up underwiting each Walmart employee to the tune of a couple of thousand bucks a year. It's all explained in the link. Then come back here and post a comment. Does the argument work? Or can you counter it?

Some "freebies" for the weekend:

Consiracy Theories make for good holiday reading.

Here's a new song, When the President Talks to God. Give a listen. Then try to figure out how it got on the air on the NBC Tonight Show. Comments are open!

How much double-talk is this? Or is it just plain-old politics?

The blogger says this seems just a bit over the top. See what you think. But impersonating State Department Officials to interrogate prisoners seems just a bit questionable, doesn't it?

New poll shows Hillary Clinton's possible presidential bid seems to be picking up sopport.

Does American media cover the REAL news? Here's a member of Congress who says the media is NOT doing a good job.

And, finally, This one is just for fun. To help you translate what you hear at the next Presidential Press Conference.

Check back over the weekend. We'll try to kick a few fresh links your way. Have a great time with whatever you do! Stop by and say "hello' to us at Riverfest. We're on the North Little Rock side and just might have some "goodies" for you to take home!


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Guantanamo Bay, Newsweek, The FBI and the prisoners

Who's right? Who's wrong? First Newsweek says guards flushed a Koran. Then Newsweek backs down, saying its one source couldn't confirm the report. The White House says the report sparked violence in the Mid-East. Bloggers point out that there have been other, similar reports, in the past. Now, an FBI report is released. Guess what? It has the Koran story, too! But, the White House and Pentagon quickly fired back that even that report could NOT be substantiated. Who's right? Who's wrong? Read it all. Leave a comment.

Looking for extras?

How about more on the prison story? Here's a ton of links to blogger analysis from both Liberal and Conservative bloggers.

Here's a fascinating post about a decades-old kidnapping case that has some strong connections to the Jeff Gannon, pseudo-reporter-in-the-White-House, story and may be the tip of a much bigger story.

How about an exercise in connect-the-dots, military-style? Unexpected Navy maneuvers point to something unusual on the way in the Middle East. At least they do IF you connect the dots the way this blogger does.

And, just for good measure, how about an ex-military guy who puts the recruiting crisis into perspective. And his analysis ain't pretty.

And, here's some fresh numbers about Walmart that should have the bloggers chatting like crazy!

For a finishing flourish, here's a cool, new, website that translates foreign press into english. You'll find lot to read, the way the "other folks" see it.

Don't forget, use the comments link! We won't snoop. Be anonymous, if you like.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stem Cells, Patriot Act and Flushing Korans

More interesting reading today than you can shake a stick at! On the 5:30 Report today, the ladies at BlondeSense had an interesting suggestion for those who oppose embryonic stem cell research. And, how about a little
comic relief on the filibuster issue? Very funny take on the "agreement" that helped avert a showdown in the senate.

And now, a laundry list of other "stuff" -

What really happened at Guantanamo Bay?

Here's a church sign that just might cross the line - it deals with the Koran. And flushing.

Editor and Publisher says the White House is backing down on the Newsweek/Koran story.

Do blogs really have an impact? Pretty impressive numbers in that poll!

A Presidential political threat to get on board the Social Security changes?

Extension and expansion of the Patriot Act. If the description on this blog is accurate....well, you read it and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

And finally, look part-way down this page for a "whisper" about Arkansas' First Lady.

How's that for a full plate. Read. Think. And, for goodness sake, don't be a stranger! Leave a comment!


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Filibuster Fight - Bloggers Debate

Have you figured out which side won the filibuster fight? It seems the pundits are having a tough time sorting things out and coming up with a winner. Just work your way down through the blogs below and see if you come away more (or less) confused!

AmericaBlog says the Democrats won

Crooks and Liars tries to show both sides

Daily Kos uses right-leaning blog comments to build his case that Democrats came out on top.

Talk Left says it's clear that the Republicans won

Say Anything Blog says it's a terrible deal for Republicans

The list could go on and on. Feel free to leave a comment. Who won, anyway?

Oh, by the way, here's a Bonus Blog - GREAT summary of what happened and a collection of wide-ranging blogs from both sides.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Dueling Debates in DC and Election Day, 2008

We have two HUGE debates underway in DC - one over the right to filibuster, the other over stem cell research. Here's an interesting blog update on the filibuster issue and how some of the "quieter" senators might vote.

And here's another on that same nuclear option issue.

On the stem cell issue,

here's one with an interesting perspective.

And one more. If you have some from another perspective, feel free to include links in a comment.

Now, the two blogs we mentioned in the 5:30 report today:

Where are the newspaper pictures that show the death of Americans in Iraq? Read an analysis and an explanation.

And, we don't know if this would be a nightmare or somewhat fun. It could shape up to be Condi vs Hillary in 2008.

That's your reading assignments for tonight. As always, you are more than welcome to comment (anonymously, if you wish) and can post links to opposing viewpoints to your little heart's content.


Friday, May 20, 2005

Torture and Touche' - May 20, 2005

A "military" focus on the 5:30 Report today - beginning with the report on the military recruiting "stand down" for one day, to explore those recent reports of recruiting violations.

Then, from the blogosphere, first word of another round of torture allegations. 2,000 new documents, describing a lengthy list of things that are not supposed to happen to prisoners, under military rules and the Geneva Convention.

Then, from Congress, bloggers gang up on Sen. Rick Santorum for what they see as a two-faced position on calling the other party "Nazis". Confused? Wondering why that term is even being tossed around in connection with the judicial nominations and fillibuster debate? Click the link. Read the story. At least you'll understand what happened. Maybe not why, though.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Here is What We're Talking About - May 19, 2005

The focus today was on the fight over fillibusters and the "Nuclear Option". Our first blog might help convince our elected officials in Washington that Americans are none too happy with the way they are behaving! Congressional approval is lower than anytime in the past 11 years!

Moving right along,
we talked about this very outspoken blogger who really takes the Republicans to task for their actions in the fillibuster issue.

Pay attention closely to what's happening on this issue. Watch for those who are changing their positions, deciding to switch to the other side. And watch for any word of a compromise.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 links

Sorry for the late posting. We were busy doing a live special tonight for our Spokane, WA station. They've had a triple homicide and there are two missing youngsters.

In the blogs from the 5:30 Report today -

The Brit - Galloway) unloads on the Bush administration.

Understanding the "Nuclear Option"


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Newsweek Story - Links for May 17th, 2005

There's a lot about this situation that really bothers me, journalistically and governmentally. You can't go anywhere in the blogosphere today without running into opinions on the Newsweek situation. I don't want to overwhelm you with information, but this is a truly important story with huge implications and contradictions. I suggest you wade your way through the links below and then, please, come back here and post a comment. Let us know where you stand on the issue. Was Newsweek wrong? Was the White House right? Or vice versa. Read away.

Why is Newsweek retracting?
Columbia Journalism Review says Koran allegations are not new.
Top military official says Newsweek article did NOT ignite riots.
Single Source argument from White House.
MediaBistro analyzes anonymous sources.
Opinion blog on the "overpowering air of unreality" of Newsweek's reaction.
Pentagon: "Never say never" about Koran flushing.
MSNBC's Keith Olbermann's take on the Newsweek story. Will Scott McClellan resign?
The White House and single-source reporting.

That's a start. There's much more out there.


Monday, May 16, 2005

Links for May 16, 2005

The Newsweek story ended up the focus of what we talked about today. The bloggers appear to be sharply divided over the issue.
If you need some background, Newsweek backed off from its earlier report that guards at Guantanamo Bay had flushed a copy of the Koran down a toilet, igniting riots in the Mid-East. Yesterday, magazine backed down, apologizing for a lack of research, but not completely retracting the report.

UPDATE: Late today, Newsweek did an about-face and agreed to retract the problem report. We'll update links to information and comments later this evening.

Michelle Malkin headlined her comments - "Newsweek Lies; People Die".

On the other side of the issue, TalkLeft argued that there were other, earlier, reports of the same incidents.

Will Muslims accept the apology or will it be perceived as "just another lie" from Americans?

The other hot issue today - will Arkansans be able to have wine shipped in from out-of-state wineries? The US Supreme court ruled states can't legislate against those shipments IN MOST CASES. Arkansas Times has an interesting discussion in progress on its blog. Seems there is still a bit of confusion over the impact the ruling has here.

Stay in touch. Use the comments link. You don't have to be a stranger, you know!


Friday, May 13, 2005

Links for May 13, 2005

Sorry for the late post today. It IS Friday the 13th, after all!

Our first blog Friday tracked how bloggers were upset over ABC News comments about why there's not better television news coverage of the ongoing violence in Iraq.

UPDATE: This evening, that same blog published this update, claiming the blogger uproar resulted in ABC backtracking and admitting they were wrong.

Our other blog on the 5:30 Report took the President to task for an apparent conflict in his opinion of internet privacy. Our main question here dealt with the federal government's ability to get your ISP to turn over your email and other information without a warrant and without notifying you! Hit the comment button. Let us know - is that okay with you?


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Links for May 12, 2005

The John Bolton story was at the focus of our report today. Some Senators say Bolton is exactly what we DON'T want in a diplomat. Some of the language was actually a bit stronger than that: "arrogant" and "bullying" were two words that we heard a lot. But there's not a lot of talk about a Bolton report that's beginning to get pretty high profile coverage in the blogosphere. It alleges that he forced his first wife to have group sex, leading to her leaving him. But, as we said on the air, DO consider the source: pornographer Larry Flynt. Still, the reports seem to have "legs" are are picking up independent confirmations in the blogosphere. If it turns into "real" news, remember that you heard it here, first!

Our second blog was a great little history lesson. Read what President Eisenhower said about a political party that tries to abolish social security (among other things). Now, before you turn this into political finger-pointing, we do realize that the Bush Administration says it is trying to SAVE Social Security by proposing changes; but there are certainly others who maintain that the ultimate goal is the get rid of it. Let us know what you think. We've turned on commenting and you can do so anonymously.

Here's something interesting we just stumbled on. Might be worth talking about tomorrow. See if you think CBS really did twist Ken Starr's words around!


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Links for May 11, 2005

We certainly have our May heat wave underway right now. Perfect excuse to camp in front of the computer and explore all the blogs that we've been posting for the past month!

Today brought the "plane headed for the White House" scare and we had the incredible story of a quirk in the law that puts illegal aliens, convicted of serious crimes, back on the streets when their home country refused to accept their deportation!

Our blogs focused on the new funding bill for Anti-Terrorism - part of that is the national Real ID plan - and this blogger says the fight is NOT yet over.

And This is information you won't find elsewhere - read how the blogger questions whether the U-S military is hiring civilians for jobs in Kuwait, since recruiting levels are so low. If that is the case, he asks why the pay rate is nearly three times what a soldier would make!


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Links for May 10, 2005

One of the wonderful things about blogging is that it's possible to update stories even after The WB42 5:30 Report airs! We came across this blog report that includes a quote from Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, commenting on the Real ID plan in Congress. That plan was talked about in one of our reports today, dealing with a proposal to give drivers' licenses to illegal aliens in California!

Our blogs today dealt with a couple of issues that impact your pocketbook. The first talks about how the federal government is thinking of killing food stamp benefits for some Medicaid recipients.

The second blog goes after President Bush for saying there is very little he can do to help lower gas prices in the short term. The blogger points out that two out of three Americans think there IS something the President can do; the blog lists several ideas. Read them. Let us know if you think any would really help.

Those were the issues we thought would get you talking, with friends, family and on the net.


Monday, May 09, 2005

Links for May 9, 2005

We're all doing our best to recover from a busy weekend and yours truly spent most of it on the road. The upside to that is that I get to listen to a lot of opinions on the radio. One of the hottest topics on talk radio this weekend ended up getting quite a bit of mainstream media attention late Sunday and Monday morning - the story of the Baptist minister who kicked nine people out of his church because they voted for John Kerry. Even Franklin Graham says that's wrong. Do you agree? Leave a comment right here on the WB42 5:30 Report blog.

Now, HERE's something that should be interesting to follow! If you've been around Central Arkansas for any amount of time, you've probably heard Pat Lynch and Ray Lincoln on the radio. Both are gone from the airwaves, but are going to be heard again on an interesting experiment in online radio! Here's the Arkansas Times Blog report on the project.

Bookmark it now. WAI Radio is coming June 6!

Both Pat and Ray are VERY talented radio people. Funny. Spontaneous. Smart, even! Will it be podcast? If you watched today's 5:30 report you understand what "Podcast" is. If you don't, watch for more information in the days ahead.


Saturday, May 07, 2005

5:30 Report May 6

Here are the blogs we discussed.

Felon Swing Vote

Rove Says Grassroots Politics is the Future


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Links forMay 5, 2005

Content for the WB42 5:30 Report with Doug Krile comes easier some days than others. Our first blog today jumped right out at us - making us ask how it's even possible to "lose" 100-million dollars! That's pretty much what's happened in the Iraqi Reconstruction Project. This blogger says most of the money was lost to fraud. Read it. You'll be amazed.

We all know that FOX and ABC have been at each others throats lately over American Idol. Here's a punch at ABC that seems to raise some very valid questions about the network's advertising policy and how it deals with religious organizations. Read the summary, then remember that we would like to know what you think! That's what the "Comments" on our blog are for!


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Links for May 4, 2005

It was a full and interesting day for the WB42 5:30 Report today. We updated the latest incidents of violence in Iraq, we looked at the latest numbers on the status of our military forces worldwide - a report that says we're a little thin in the ranks and are having a tough time recruiting (because of the war in Iraq).

Our first blog looked at a recruiting scandal in Colorado. Read how a high school senior tricked recruiters into helping him dummy up a diploma and find substances to help him pass a drug test. This kid has a real future in investigative reporting!

Have you heard of the Sunset Commission? Probably not. It's a little-known concept that's reportedly buried in the current budget proposal from the White House. What could it do? Our second blog has links to multiple articles detailing how the commission could dismantle entire governmental agencies, if they weren't performing up to par. Obviously, that concept raises a lot of questions. You'll read about many of them. Then let us know what you think? Is this for real? Or is it such a long-shot that we don't need to be concerned? Use the comments link and tell us what you think. As always, thanks for watching!


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Links for May 3, 2005

We led today's show with a detailed explanation of the latest Presidential Poll from CNN/USA Today and Gallop. The numbers are not good for the President. But they're not particularly great for Congress, either. Our blogs tied in with two key issues that are proving troublesome for the President - retirement and Iraq.

Our first blog compares pension, vacation and retirement systems in the US and in Europe. If you look at the numbers, their systems certainly look appealing. I'm sure some of you have arguments against the European systems. That's what the "comments" link is for!

Our second blog tackles Iraq and foreign press reports that the US and Britain secretly agreed to attack Iraq in 2002. Congressman John Conyers is upset with the information and is getting signatures from his colleagues on a letter demanding some answers from the White House.

As always, we'd love to have you leave a comment with a blog you'd like to see us feature on The WB42 5:30 Report with Doug Krile.


Monday, May 02, 2005

Links for May 2, 2005

Here's what had us talking today on the WB42 5:30 Report with Doug Krile:

"How did darn near every analyst miss the apparent contradiction in the President's news conference," asks this blogger.

Lizz Winstead rants on about the President's plans.

We'd love to see some comments! Just click the link below and give it a try.